What Is Revain Cryptocurrency? And Why I Like It

What Is Revain Cryptocurrency? And Why I Like It – Built on Blockchain Technology – This Review Platform offers genuine Reviews – That can’t be altered

What is Revain Cryptocurrency?

What is Revain








What Is Revain Cryptocurrency?

Revain Cryptocurrency Overview

What is Revain? It is the future to real reviews. And why I like it so much is because their are so many fake reviews out in the world wide web today. Something has to change

  • Revain is a blockchain-based review platform
  • Blockchain technology to ensure decentralization
  • Stores a snapshot of the original review

Reviews can’t be Changed

  • 2 tokens: R and RVN
  • CEO Rinat Arslanov
  • AI and IoT
  • Reviews received on the platform are unbiased
  • Allow Users  to submit a maximum of 5 reviews per day
  • The company has a right to reject a user’s review, but users can dispute a rejection
  • After 3 warnings, the fourth will lead to the company being blocked from the platform.

How to Buy Revain

Revain or R token can purchased on Cryptocurrency Exchanges. I live in Australia and mainly use this exchange as I can either just exchange other cryptocurrencies I own for Revain, or simple deposit directly from my bank account and purchase the coin. What is great about is that Revain or R token can of course be bought anywhere in the world a couple other worldwide exchanges are CREX24 and BitForex, both I have accounts for and recommend personally.

Why I like what Revain are doing

What is Revain

Every day, I see reviews that are fake, intended to mislead people into either liking or hating something. I feel this is totally dishonest and think there should be a way to prevent this from happening. Many scams are unleashed to the public on a daily basis and seems to only be growing. These scams then get fake reviews to lure people into there dishonest schemes to hurt the individual.

What Is Revain Cryptocurrency?

The Solution

  • Offering a system where companies pay people for reviews.
  • Can not change the Review.
  • Making both the company and the person reviewing are subject to rules and guidelines.
  • Enforced warnings given for Failing to abide by these rules. Therefore
  • Remove reviewer or company on the 4th failure automatically from the system permanently.
  • Companies will reject a review when it is incorrect or misleading, above all else will ensures a fair system
  • The system will pick out Fake Reviews using Artificial Intelligence, therefore make this fair.

Please any Questions or Comments below.

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What Is Revain Cryptocurrency? And Why I Like It – Built on Blockchain Technology – This Review Platform offers genuine Reviews – That can’t be altered

2 thoughts on “What Is Revain Cryptocurrency? And Why I Like It

  1. Hadn’t heard about Revain before, I’ll definitely check them out and remember the company. I’ve been reading recently about blockchains and cryptocurrencies and these are probably going to be the future. They might change how the world functions and how we perceive money and information. Then again, those in power rarely allow things to change radically without putting up a fight so we’ll see how things turn out in the future I guess. Thanks for the heads up!

    1. You are most welcome Jukka,
      I spend quite some time looking into cryptocurrency on a daily basis normally. I love the industry and the potential if offers.
      It really does solve a lot of real world issues. My main reason for liking this coin is because who the company is and what they
      are trying to achieve. A fair system that rewards people telling the truth and penalizes fake information. What better system could
      their be? When I look at things to invest in this is exactly what I look for. Short term prices may fluctuate, but for the long haul
      something like this should really in my opinion continue to rise in popularity and value.
      Want to stay up to date in the future you should consider signing up for future posts via email so You don’t miss any more valuable
      Sam Frederiksen

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