What Can I Make Money Online? No Experience?

What Can I Make Money Online? No Experience?

November 29, 2018 10 By Sam Frederiksen

What Can I Make Money Online? And From What Experience? You Can Make Money Online, No Experience Needed, Free Web Site, Niche Marketing And Best Online Business Start. Learn More By Reading More.  Succeed More By Acting More.

You Can Make Money Online! – Niche Marketing

No Experience Needed – Free Web Site

Niche Marketing – Best Online Business Start

Today you will learn ideas like from what can I make money online, how to create my own website free. what is a niche marketing how to get the best online business start. can you help me? me my big ideas

What Can I Make Money Online, You Can Definately Make Money

What Can I Make Money Online? –  Best Online Business Start

Do More with your Life

Online Work @ Home –  Best Online Business Start

Worldwide 70 percent of professionals work remotely, at least one day a week, while 53 percent work remotely for at least half of the week.  Remote workers regard themselves as more productive.  Three quarters of workers prefer to do important tasks in places other than the office.

Rising Trend – Niche Marketing – Best Online Business Start

In the past few years working from home has become more popular, likely because of a combination of factors, including the availability of high speed/broadband and other wireless access (which has made it both less expensive and more productive to work remotely.

Live a more Productive Life – Best Online Business Start

We are constantly distracted by the world around us. These distractions can become over whelming causing you to be more lazy.  With self-awareness we are better able to identify our strengths and weaknesses in life. Most important project you’ll ever work on is yourself.

What Can I Make Money With This Best Start Online Guide

No Experience Needed –  Best Online Business Start

My own True Life Story

You Can Do This – no experience needed

Understand this is something you can do that will positively make a difference in your life,  When I been dreaming of a better life in my past. I have always dream big, had high expectations and mostly no luck in doing that. Was I wrong to have dreams and expectations though.

Life is Unpredictable

When I finished school, way back in the 80’s, job security as actually a thing. You went to school, You learn t what you needed. Started your career and you most likely were going to stay on that path.

My Path

My father a well respected carpenter in Brisbane he was self employed, When I left school my father gave me the option to work for a percentage of the Contract. He offered me 25% of the money we made. I had to though pay my own days off. Pay for my TAFE College myself, Buy my own tools, and lastly pay for my own holidays.

The Reason Why I Agreed

Firstly I didn’t get great marks in high school. I had little to no experience other than work experience in Tandy I got through school. A friend of mine at the time got me some free unpaid work experience in the solicitors office he worked in for 2 weeks.  I could see even back then office work was not for me. So the freedom to be outside in the fresh air appealed to me.

Best Online Business Start To Make Money Online

Working for a commission

At the time I was able to make nearly double what my friends were making straight out of school. Money was flowing in I already thought of achieving my dreams.  I did however like computers and carpentry was not my first career choice but boy was the money good. Because I had to pay for my own days off I decided to follow my dreams as a computer programmer.

My First Big Set Back

My father agreed when I asked to take every Friday off work so I could do a correspondence course on the COBOL Language, At the Time was extremely popular and in demand. So every Friday I lost a days pay to study. All was going well until 18 months past. Would you believe the company teaching me went Bankrupt?

My dreams shattered I became good at Carpentry

I was no natural when it came to carpentry, maybe because it was not my first passion in life. However as the years past I became good at what I did. Learn t how to manage my money so if the industry slowed down I had money to cover expenses.  For the next 20 years nearly I stayed on this career path.

Sam Frederiksen Not Long After I Had To Stop Work

Life Threw Me a Curve Ball, Hit Me in the Face

In 2007 in August I had to stop work, In the preceding months I had gone from 1 day off every 2 weeks to work 1 day 2 weeks off sick. It took 18 months of endless tests and appointments with different doctors. Was finally diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. A further 2 years of constantly, fighting to get on a disability pension still saw me in a place I really didn’t want to be.

For the next 10 Years

During these years a lot happened some good some not so good. I have always tried to overcome my issues with my illness, always to get set back in my health as a result. In the year 2012 September 22 I was bless with a new family, I married my partner Kerri, which had 4 children. During the 10 years I had tried many different ways to make extra money.

  • Network Marketing – With Amway back then now it is A2K – Actually learn invaluable skills – no real money though
  • Affiliate Marketing – Just with no guidance.
  • Lost money on a bunch of ponzi schemes
  • Tried promoting different products
  • Tried just about everything
  • Even studying – I really had issues with this because of memory and focus

You Can Make Money Online!

How to Create My Own Website

Free Web Site – No Experience Needed

To make money online you don’t need a website, but boy is it hard without one. Here I will show you how with no experience you can create your very own free Web Site in any niche of your choosing.

What is Niche Marketing – No Experience Needed

Before we start on the Web Site side of thing I thought I just explain very quickly what a niche marketing is.  Firstly a niche is an idea or topic you want to focus on where you feel other people will want to see. Example of that in really basic terms is a Baby Product. Niche Marketing normally focuses on a more specific part of that niche such as Baby Clothes, or Baby nappies etc.

Another Niche Idea – No Experience Needed To Make Money

Lets say you have had some experience in strokes, maybe yourself or someone you care for or know. Trying to create a niche Stroke would be extremely hard without any experience, However a micro niche such as Early warning signs for stroke Victims, or something to do with the treatment like natural remedies for high blood pressure. Would be a lot easier to find a niche in. You Could promote a bunch of related products in a niche like this.

What Can I Get A Free Website

How to Create My Own Website – no experience needed

Free Web Site – No Experience Needed

The world today has changed so much for the better, staring your own online business has never been easy. Getting your very own Web Site is no different.  Through contacts I made I am able to offer you a way to do all I have talked about. The link I will give you will give you access to not 1 but 25 free Web Sites, Ideal if you want to try a few different niches to become an authority Web Site on that particular niche.

Experienced and non experienced people can Benefit – Free Web Site

Even the most seasoned professional can benefit from the link I will share. Do you already have a Web Site and just want it hosted free? Want free training? Want a community of people both experienced and learning to talk to? I can offer all that and much more.

  • The step by step training will quickly get you started with a free website.
  • If that is all you want to do then fantastic.
  •  Click the link at the bottom of the Post.
  • If you want more keep reading.

Get the Best Online Business Start – Niche Marketing

Me My Big Ideas – no experience needed – Free Web Site

You Can Totally Do This!!! – What Can I Make Money Online? – Niche Marketing

I naturally assume if you still reading you want to know how to get the best Online business start, This is exactly what you will learn next. I am assuming you want to make money and guess what.  You Can Make Money Online, I can offer you a totally free way to do it too. My personal recommendation is to follow in my foot steps and learn all about the premium offering we have.

What is your Niche going to be about?

This is my opinion is the number motivation for why I do what I do now.  I really suggest when deciding your niche you think about what you like, what you may have experience in. If you not sure that is OK, I do however like to think if you having fun it not really work. And well this Your Big Idea. Not mine but yours. Find something you passionate about. Say to yourself this is for me. My Big Ideas are what I want to follow in life.

Can You Help Me?

Two Ways you can Help me is Follow your Dreams

Secondly, Follow me, Allow me to help you every step of the way

No Experience Needed I Suggest You Follow Best Place 2


Follow your Dreams – What Can I Make Money Online

Yes I want you to follow your dreams, not mine. I want you to design your life the way you want your life. Work when you want and work for you and what you are passionate about. This is Your Dream, Don’t let anyone especially yourself miss out on a chance to pursue a life of happiness that you designed yourself. You will not be alone on this journey. If you reach out to me or the community I am inviting you to you will get all the assistance you will ever need.

Follow me – Best Place 2

Sam Frederiksen. Also known as Kezsam

Firstly thank you so much for reading my post. I love questions, so I encourage you to ask as many questions as you like. I don’t post Spam in my comments, But anything else topic related is perfectly fine. Can you help me? Yes following your own dreams is the first thing I want you to do. Now for me to help you the best I can I need you to follow me too.

How can you help me help you

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What Can I Make Money Online? And From What Experience? You Can Make Money Online, No Experience Needed, Free Web Site, Niche Marketing And Best Online Business Start. Learn More By Reading More.  Succeed More By Acting More.

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