Ways To Create Passive Income – It Is So Powerful

“Ways To Create Passive Income” – It Is So Powerful. Discover How Easy It Is to Create Your Own Passive Income Streams. See The True Power How Passive Income Can Change Your Life For The Better.

Ways To Create Passive Income
Ways To Create Passive Income

What Is A Passive Income?

To Put It simple, a passive income is simply an income stream created by work you have done once and you get paid for it over an over again. Or in some cases, an asset is used to generate income. (Bear in mind Assets often depreciate in value such as a rental car, hire goods, etc. In the case of money investment, sometimes inflation will lower the value of an initial investment.)

Examples of Passive Income Streams

  • Write A Song – Then sell the rights to the song for a percentage of earnings. Say for example you want 10% of all music sales regardless of the singer. You wrote the song (Did The Work Once) then now anytime anyone sells a version of your song You Receive 10% Of The Sales.
  • Invest Money In Bank – Invest 1 000 000 dollars in the bank at 5% Interest per year. Every year you will earn more and more money if you choose not to touch it. Invest money (Do It Once) Interest then kicks in and pays you money plus you get to keep your original amount.
  • Invent A New Gadget Or Device – Here you have an option to share in the profits, with other people’s money, by letting them develop the product mainstream and you sit back an enjoy a nice percentage.
  • Shares That Pay Dividends – Is often a common choice by a lot of professionals. Some stocks will pay upwards of 8% Dividends on a regular basis.

My Favourite Passive Income

Affiliate Marketing With A Blog Website – This is obviously one I am passionate about, for many reasons. Firstly anyone can learn how to do it. Next to no start-up costs. Potential returns many times what the average person earns and keeps paying and paying if done right. To read more about affiliate marketing with a blog website

Affiliate Marketing With A Blog Website
Affiliate Marketing

  • Create a Youtube Channel – This one is also very popular and some people have made extremely good livings from this alone. Will say it is not for everyone, as is a bit of a learning curve, but definitely, one to think about.
  • Network Marketing – Has been around quite some time now and has mixed opinion from many people. I believe this is still a viable option for passive income. Not for the faint hearted though.

It Is So Powerful – Passive Incomes

To understand the power of passive income sometimes takes people some time to get their head around the concept. It is easy to get discouraged when you start a venture by creating passive income as a goal. Sometimes many hours, days, weeks, months or even years may pass before the true potential of all that hard work, materializes into something that really has to be seen to be believed.

I Love This Quote “If you want what others can’t have you have to do what others are not prepared to do”

Some of the most wealthy people – Are no smarter than you or I, they simply do things differently from a lot of other people. A great example was Henry Ford. He had said in an interview once he is not the smartest person in his firm, but he had a nick for hiring the smartest people and surround himself with them.
Henry Ford

Recent Hardship

But Business Continues To Grow – Firstly I would like to apologize for the lack of content in the last 2 months. I know some people have been expecting a lot more articles recently, for those people I can only make it up to you from now on. I have so many positive comments from a lot the articles I have done in the past.

So Why Did I Stop Writing Articles

  • Recently my mother passed away from cancer. She was quite a stable influence in my life and I guess I needed some time to reflect on my life after she had passed.
  • Also not too long after the funeral of my mother, my wife and I decided we were not working out and I left them to find myself again and adjust a few parts of my life. I still working out some of this now, as many people that have gone through similar things themselves know a lot of changes when a relationship falls apart.
  • To add fuel to the already burning fire in my life recently I have been to the hospital twice in the last 2 weeks. I really hope I have a little break now and can start moving in the right direction again.

But Business Continues To Grow

Business Continues To Grow

  • Now I told you that not to feel sorry for me, as everyone has times in their life when things seem to go a little haywire. I did spend many great moments with my mum and my wife and family. I will always have those great memories.
  • What I found, even though I had not been able to work on my website properly in the last 2 months. The work I had already done had started to pay dividends.
  • https://bestplace2.com has nearly doubled in search engine impressions and clicks during the last 2 months, thanks to the great training I have received.

Please Look some the links in this article if you are interested in some assistance in creating your own blog. Or leave comments or questions below in the comment area.

  • I also managed to help some people save a bunch of money in the last couple of months from previous work I had done.
  • My past work as a carpenter would not have improved my situation at all if I took 2 months off. In fact, I would be in a more sad place if that was the situation.

Just A Reminder

I only started this website in October 2018 with no experience or training. So really only had 3 months training in my own time and schedule to build a blog website that could last 2 months and grow with no help at all. I can only imagine where I might have been if I didn’t take 2 months off.

But maybe you can start to understand the power of passive income streams from my experience. Put yourself in charge of your life and make a difference in your future.

Your welcome to contact me personally

Email sam@bestplace2.com

(Please Put some meaningful subject or I may mistake it for spam)

“Ways To Create Passive Income” – It Is So Powerful. Discover How Easy It Is to Create Your Own Passive Income Streams. See The True Power How Passive Income Can Change Your Life For The Better.

6 thoughts on “Ways To Create Passive Income – It Is So Powerful

  1. Author’s gravatar

    Awesome article, Sam. You have comprehensively defined the most useful stuff that people always look after, that is, passive income. Yes, we need to know many ideas to earn massive passive income. 

    You have wonderfully described the ways to earn passive income. I agree that having our blog is the most important asset to earn long term sustainable income. As you have described about your site, it worked well, even if you’re not able to commit time due to your personal issues. Just a small question: How long did you take to earn money through your blog? Normally, how long does it take on your view? 

    Thanks a lot for sharing this useful article. I wish you very best in your online business. 

    1. Author’s gravatar

      Glad you enjoyed my article. 

      To answer your question, for me personally it did not take to long to earn commissions.  Part of the reason is that I really like the products myself as they are very competitive prices.  I use some the services and products myself, so feel confident about sharing with others as well.

      As for your second question, I believe that is different for every person.  Some people have taken a long time to get even their first sale, maybe a year, then incredibly over the next couple build a business big enough to replace normal income and live the life they desire.

      Others seem to have success earlier.  Reguardless how long it takes for each person the more important question is why?  If you have a reason to keep working at your passive income no matter what.  You will be unstoppable by the time you achieve your dreams.  Without the why you will probably give up before you reach success.

  2. Author’s gravatar

    This article is amazing you explained great ways to start making income. I know a lot of people who are trying to figure what they can do to start making income and your site outlines everything that they need to know to get started.

    1. Author’s gravatar

      Thank you Moyae,
      I appreciate your kind words, If you need any help at all would love to help you. Of course this also goes as an open invitation to anyone that reads this comment as well.

      Have an Awesome Day.

  3. Author’s gravatar

    Sorry to hear about your mother, Sam.

    The term passive income is not something that is as true as it sounds (in most cases). For the majority of what most people call passive is mostly what I call semi-passive income.

    You do the work initially (you had to do the work) therefore not completely passive. Affiliate marketing is one such case. For most people getting started, it is TOUGH and HARD work. In the case of building blog it can take years for organic growth and traffic to kick in – but ohh boy..once it does it is absolutely fantastic…and that residual income..the best ever!

    1. Author’s gravatar

      Thank you Derek Marshall,
      Your comments were very insightful, I did think about them as they made me think more about the term passive income. I guess you would consider a passive income more something you might inherit, which is of course is perfectly fine.

      I do personally love affiliate marketing myself. Mainly for the ability to help others. As I was once told help enough other people become a success you will become a success yourself by the process.

      You are also right when you mention it touch and hard work and can take some time. Would you agree that anthing in life that is worthwile usually requires the same level of effort?


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