Things To Pack When Travelling | The Ultimate Guide

Find Out What Things To Pack When Travelling. How Long To Pack For. Climate And Expected Weather. Activities Planned

Things To Pack When Travelling

Things To Pack When Traveling

The Most Important Items

Travel Documents And Paperwork

  • Passport – Visas – Travel Documents
  • Booked and Paid In Advance Tickets – Plane, Attractions, Hotels, Transport
  • Identification Papers, Key cards, Bankcards, Student Id’s, Pension Card
  • Medical Information, Pills, Subscriptions, Supporting Documents From Doctors
  • Any Licence That Is Valid In Country You Visiting
  • Travel Sickness Medication
  • Maps And Tour Guides | Websites Bookmarked
  • Remember To Bring Your Kids, Ha Ha, (If You Are Supposed To Bring Them)

Maps And Tour Guides To Be Included To Things To Pack When Traveling


  • Spare Cash, Good To Have This Hidden In A Few Places
  • Travellers Checks, And Any Other Non Cash Payment Sources
  • Credit Card
  • Key card
  • Luckily some can be stored digitally
  • Email with backed up photos of documents
  • Cryptocurrency Wallet Details
  • These are all Things To Pack When Travelling

Spare Cash | Key Cards | Credit Cards For Traveling


  • Spare Underwear, Don’t Forget The Nice One’s For Chance Encounters
  • Plenty Of Socks
  • Footwear | Day & Night Footwear
  • Going out clothes
  • Swimwear
  • Day Clothes
  • Sleeping Clothes
  • Store Suggestions

Personal Grooming And Hygiene

  • Toothbrush And Toothpaste
  • Hair Brush
  • Handkerchief
  • Makeup
  • Shaving Utensils
  • Deodorants and Perfumes | Aftershaves
  • Things To Pack When Travelling That You Can’t Do Without


  • Phone And Charger
  • Laptop | Tablet
  • GPS Software
  • Translation Software

Travel Checklist

Business Travel Checklist

  • Appropriate Business Attire
  • Business Paperwork
  • Any Presentations
  • Note Book Paper Or Electronic
  • Bookings In Place For Ventures

Vacation Checklist

  • Tickets To Events | Booked In Advance
  • Hotel And Tour, Cruise Bookings And Details
  • Entertainment Guide

Are You Travelling With Others?

Travelling Alone

  • Details of when and where you will be at any time left with friends
  • Contacts in case of emergencies
  • List of places where you can meet people
  • Tour Guides
  • Tour Services

Travelling With Friends

Things To Pack With Friends When Traveling

  • Everyone’s contact details
  • Mutual friends contact numbers
  • Items based on actives you may do together

Travelling With Partner

  • Bedroom Items | For those special nights
  • Backup of financial paperwork etc

Travelling With Family

  • Family activity guides
  • Attraction tickets booked in advanced
  • Cameras and other ways to record those special family moments

Travelling With A Baby

Things To Pack When Traveling With Babies

  • Mobile baby kit, pram, baby carry harness
  • Suitable clothing for baby
  • Baby hygiene gear, wipes etc
  • Baby Food & Drinks, bottles, bowls, utensils etc

How Long To Pack For While Travelling?

Short Stay

  • Try pack light
  • Bring only the essentials
  • You probably be able to buy a couple things to save space along the way

Medium Stay

  • variety of clothes to suit activities
  • wet and dry gear
  • hot and cold gear if necessary
  • indoor and outdoor gear

Long Stay

  • Consider some storage
  • Cheaper type accommodation
  • Possible rent instead of hotel
  • Find friends or family you can stay with
  • maybe by a cheap car or camper van

Climate And Expected Weather Packing Ideas

Hot And Rain | Humidity

  • List of activities you can cool down with
  • Indoor activities for rainy days
  • Shorts and Shirts
  • Comfy footwear

Hot And Dry

  • Extra water bottles
  • Dehydration tablets
  • List of activities to cool down and escape the sun and heat
  • Gym towel

Perfect Time Of Year

Perfect Time To Travel

  • Extra storage space | Film for cameras etc
  • List of outdoor activities

Cold And Rainy

  • Appropriate colder climate clothing
  • Raincoat | Weather proof clothing
  • Water proof bags
  • Extra towels

Cold And Windy

  • Wind Jacket
  • Warm footwear

Freezing With Snow

Things To Pack For Colder Traveling Weather

  • Coats
  • Thermal underwear
  • Good Boots

Pack For Activities Planned

Indoor Activities

  • Always good to have a decent list of backup plans due to weather
  • Escape the sun or rain activities
  • Warm up or cool down indoors

Outdoor Activities

  • List of popular and lesser known tourist attractions

Conclusion – Things To Pack When Travelling


Hopefully I have covered the most important things to pack when travel for several difference scenarios. I do say pack but in the digital world we live in today I have also included things like GPS apps, emails with personal information in case of lost paperwork etc. cryptocurrency wallet details if you looking to make a quick dollar or run short on cash.

  • Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.

Maybe I have left something off the list

If I have left something off what was it?

4 thoughts on “Things To Pack When Travelling | The Ultimate Guide

  1. Author’s gravatar

    If you take prescription medication, you would definitely want to make sure to bring enough with you for the trip, plus extra… Just in case your return trip is delayed.

    you would also want to research how / where to obtain prescription refills as well.

    If you are traveling to a place that doesn’t have clean water, you will.want to make sure that you stock up on plenty of bottled water.

  2. Author’s gravatar

    Awesome, a travel list for every occasion!  Having all your financial, insurance and medical paperwork online and readily available when you need it is a really good point Sam.  Not an obvious thing to do but a potential lifesaver when travelling overseas.

    Travelling light with a baby as noted in your list may seem counter-intuitive but the last thing you need is to be hauling the equivalent of a small house with you on an airplane.  I recall being told many years ago that if you are travelling with a baby (under 1 years old), get an aisle seat on short flights so that you can get up easily and move around with bubs and get a bassinet from the airline for longer flights/international flights.  Parents will need to make sure their seats on the plane are as close to the bassinet as possible so either arrange this in advance with the airline if possible or turn up for your flight really early – first in, first served.

    1. Author’s gravatar

      Great tip for flying with a baby.  Think when it comes to babies and travel you have to be inconvienced some way or another, not sure their really is any way around that.  Babies I very reliant on parents and need quite a few items.  You either have to go with the bare minimum and buy as you go or carry more stuff around.  Either way you going to be inconvenced at some point.  

      Personally I would prefer to have what I need and deal with extra luggage costs and weight than not have what I need when baby needs it.  From my experience babies don’t really care if you prepared or not and show very little understanding when they want something lol.  


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