How to Start in Home Business – Best Money Investments

How to Start in Home Business – Best Money Investments

December 5, 2018 14 By Sam Frederiksen

How to Start in Home Business – The Best Money Investments – Why choosing to not investing in yourself leads to a slow start in your new business.


How to Start in Home Business

The Best Money Investments

Home Business - Picture Of My Dad And Brother And Sam Frederiksen In The Middle

My Dad and Brother and I

Not Investing In Yourself Is Not Good For Any Business

Why choosing to not investing in yourself leads to a slow start in your new business. You may wonder so many people fail in home business today. They may have been successful in their careers but still fail in small business.

  • My background was in Carpentry
  • I was good at it
  • Well respected
  • I had expenses to run the business
  • Attended training
  • I invested in my business, seeking the latest tools available
  • Healthy and fit

Why I was good at Carpentry?

  • Worked hard and was teachable
  • Made mistakes but learn’t from them
  • Understood about good work ethics
  • Learned that a good foundation was the most important thing in a home
  • Learn it was important to try do it right the first time.

What would happen if I didn’t Invest in my Carpentry Business

  • More than likely would have gone out of business
  • Would have earned less money due to inferior tools
  • Would have had bad work ethics
  • Most likely would have lost the respect of my peers.
  • Probably would not have had stable employment

Consequences of not training

  • Would have been paid a lot less
  • Made more mistakes
  • Would not of been able to work for same people
Best Money Investments I Have Learn't From

Back at my Brothers Wedding in 2000

How to Start in Home Business

The Best Money Investments

My Best Advice

The home business I will advise you about does have a free to start option, where you can have a look around get some initial training free website access to community and a bunch of other useful perks, however I suggest if you choose that option to remember my background in carpentry story and think to yourself.

What Would Happen If

  • I did not invest in my new home business
  • I did not get all the training available
  • Chose not to stay up to date with latest webinars
  • Only got half the commission
  • Miss out on some commissions together
  • How would my actions reflect on people I will show my business too?
  • I was not able to send a private message

The Best Money Investments

How I invest in my own Business

  • Pay for a premium Membership $49.00
  • Invest a portion of my day to training
  • From time to time I advertise
  • Spend time reviewing my work
  • Spend time learning about my niches
  • I do like self-help books as they help me understand myself and others better.
  • I afford some of this by taking full advantage of some the hosting savings
  • And other benefits I get through my business

How to Start in Home Business The Benefits

How to Start in Home Business

The Best Money Investments

Benefits Of Start Working at Home In Online Business

  • Not having to commute to and from work – In my carpentry I actually felt lucky when I only had to travel 30 minutes each way to work. Normally would be hour at least each direction. Nice saving on fuel and car maintenance just their.
  • Sleeping In – Again getting up many times before the sun was up was very difficult, driving home as the sun was going down in peak hour travel was never fun.
  • Love to be able to have a non rushed breakfast in the morning with my family.
  • Get to drive my daughter to school and home again
  • Able to work when I choose, mind you I really enjoy what I am doing so not really work to me.
  • Able to get stuff done during the day that was very hard in my last business, In carpentry, I lost money to take time off to see a doctor, have an appointment with someone, even shopping was inconvenient.
  • I can dress the way I want most of the time, I try to not be to sloppy lol, as I do have a wife and kids, But I am more casual in dress normally.
  • Large part of the work I do, creates passive income, so I do the work once and it keeps working from then onward.

Consequences of not working at my own Home Business

  • Would feel less motivated about my dreams and goals
  • Would pay more for web hosting
  • Less time with my family
  • Would have less money
  • Would feel like a mouse in a mouse wheel
  • Have no real direction in my life.
  • Less new friends
  • A lot less educated

Why Would this worry me?

Not Starting At In A Home Business Would Definately Worry Me

  • Would not be a good role model for my children
  • I would feel bad about my ability to provide for my family
  • Feel less important
  • Would not be keeping up with trends
  • Lack the training that will shape my life.

How would I feel if I didn’t have my own Home Business

  • Most likely feel unsatisfied
  • Feel a lot more insecure
  • Worry about families future
  • Like I couldn’t help friends and family when they need me

How Would you Answer These Questions

  • Try in the comments below would love to hear
  • Do you already have a home business but getting poor results?
  • Does having a passive income interest you?
  • Will your family be provided for if you get sick?
  • Need a career change?

Check Out How I got Started

  • I did start as a free member
  • Upgraded to premium within the first 2 days
  • Most of the information in my review refers to the free membership
  • Click Premium link on my review page to see why I chose Premium instead
  • Review of Wealthy Affiliate


Even though starting for free is an option and can lead you to success, Much like my carpentry business I had it is not the best approach for How to Start in Home Business and your The Best Money Investments. Don’t think just because you have had a successful business you don’t need to learn new things.

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