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Please Help Me – BookMark The Webpage for Future Reference – If Time is Short. Thank you

Or When You Are Fully Focused.  Retrieve This Webpage from your Favourites Folder or Need To Look At Folder

I Need You – Yeah You. Please Assist Me

Please Help Me

You still reading???

Phew!!! Finally got the attention of a very clever, kindhearted Person.

!!! Time is Very Precious !!!! Now I Have You Attention !!!!!

Please Help Me – Assistance Needed

Can You Do

BookMark The Webpage for Future Reference – If Time is Short. Thank you

Or When You Are Fully Focused.  Retrieve This Webpage from your Favourites Folder or Need To Look At Folder

For Some Time Now – Help Needed From You

I have been thinking about the direction of this website.  Best Place 2

How Can You Help?

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  4. Think about Feedback
  5. We All Have A Benefit To Doing So
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Your Assistance Is Appreciated

Thank you for the comments I have recieved so far.  Would love to hear more about what you want me to write about.  I have have had some suggestions so far which is awesome.  Such as add a bit more humour, more inspirational articles, updates on direction of website.

You are the main focus of the future of this website.  Please get involved in the direction of this website.  I happy to learn new things and do research in new topics if it helps you and your friends, loved ones and associates live a more fullfilled life.

Question: Why did the skeleton not go to the dance?

Answer: Because he had no body to go with.

Silly joke, yes

But it is a bit like writing a blog.  Writing articles is like going to a dance with noone if you are writing the wrong content for your readers.  A small suggestion here and their helps me stay in tune with what you want to read about.  Don’t be shy, stay annonymous if you like.

On the other hand if you have your own website by all means drop a link in the author section.  I only ask if you want your link to stay,  Please help me by making some good suggestions about this website.

Your assistance and help is very much appreciated.



20 Replies to “Please Help Me – I Need You – Yeah You —–CCCCCC”

  1. I will bookmark and share your page around, because I found some posts of you that can be inspiring to others. In the way I mean of the tender loving way, which we all miss a bit of it in the nowadays environment. Anyway thanks for sharing it, and as I said, I will share it also for you, so it can reach more people! 

    • Thank You,  

      I assume you would like some more inspiring articles by your comment.  You will be pleased, That will always be part of any work I do.  Sometimes a Little Inspiration goes a long Way. Share the Love

  2. I always enjoy commenting and helping people bring some life into their website. I think that in order to effectively establish traffic and relationships you should give as much value as possible and information that people can use. Thanks for your free information on your website. Will you make more posts on how you can change your business direction?

    • Thank you Jon,

      I will be making more posts on how to change business direction now thanks to your suggestion.  My ulitmate aim is to make this website as user friendly as possible with contents my users want to read about.  Appreciate your time commenting.  Please feel free to comment any time in the future with anything other fantastic Ideas.

      Sam Frederiksen

      WebMaster and

  3. Nice then. I have bookmarked your site and I will surely share it around most especially social media because thats where I have friends and can reach a larger audience. Though It seems germane discussions are on the website and the world needs the care from anywhere it could possibly come from based on what I checked through the link I bookmarked. Its nice and expect more frequent readers through me

    • Appreciate your time RoDarrick,

      Love to know what your readers are interested in.  Would be happy to add a couple relevant articles if that also helps you.

      Remember to Accept the push notification so you don’t miss any new posts

  4. Not really certain as to how to view this coming from Site Comments. I at first looked at it as Spam. However, I do not like to bypass any page and not leave a comment. 

    I find your post intriguing to say the least and I continued to look. And what did I find? In the right-hand side are Recent Comments so I click on the last one, Sam Frederiksen on Ways To Create Passive Income – It Is So Powerful, and start reading. And lo and behold, did I find the reason that you wrote the post, Please Help Me? 

    The story of your Recent Hardship, especially of losing your mother, is very heartwarming. And the other Challenges that came at about the same time. I have been through the same thing and know how down I was. I sincerely pray that things are beginning to look up and by adding humour as you have done with Please Help Me, it will continue. 


  5. Hi Sam!  I have to say, I really like this page. Quite different and a unique way to capture interest… see, I am here. I spent a long time visiting your menus and WOW, I have had so much fun just shopping! Every girls dream is to shop, don’t you think?  

    I also found a menu that lead me to an Educational site about Pinterest. Now here is something of great value to me. I want to be part of that social media platform, but it is all so confusing to me and here you have given me an opportunity to take a complete course in understanding. I so appreciate that. 

    I will help you out and share with others as best I can because you are going to be helping me out so much. So happy I found  your website. Just a strange fluke that I am here and so it was meant to be! Miss Linda

  6. Hi, your website is interesting for me mainly because it covers so different topics. It seems to be good because people with different interests can find useful ideas here. I’m interested in travel (your Malaysia article is really good) and also in cryptos. To be honest I don’t know too much about them but would like to get more info so I’ll bookmark your page for the future. By the way, if you invest at Genesis Mining – by buying a package, do you have to mine yourself – using their tools?

  7. Well said Sam, Your website has a lot of useful information about business and traveling. I think many people will find the content in your website very useful for their daily needs. Do you also have social media account? I will tell my friends to visit your website and check on your social media too. Wish you success.

    • Thank you Alblue,

      Yes a lot of my content is about business and travel.  You will also find quite a bit of information on fashion and shopping as well, gaming and a bunch of other topics, including education and inspiration.

      The original aim of this website was to make it a best place to go website.  I still am heading in that direction, just would also like to tailor it more towards what readers such as yourself want to read about.  As you can imagine the broad implications of best place to, could spam endless topics so would prefer to focus mainly on what you want to read about.

      Social media links appear when you scroll to bottom of page.  I know some people may not see that as I have tried placing them in different spots in the past.  Seemed to me that having that at the end is less intrusive to the reader and if they really want to share of look me up they most likely to do that after reading the content not before they start reading.

      I do have push notifcations as wel for people to accept if they just want to get notified by email when I create new articles etc.

  8. I have found a wonderful avenue for inspirational articles, and that is sharing articles on other people’s websites and they share one on mine.  It’s really cool to have a guest author.  You discuss ahead of time what the articles will be about (they should match the niche of the person who is accepting the article) to go with their site, and you link back to your own site.  It’s a win-win.  If you are interested, and if you are a member of the Wealthy Affiliate platform, you can find me at BabsieRocks on the platform, and we could write each other articles.  Let me know what you think.  

  9. Hi Sam, 

    I guess this piece is all about reaching right, and that is  something I don’t mind helping out with. I would really love to share your contents and bookmark them for later read.

    You seem to be involved in a whole lot of things, I will definitely take the time to check them out and see which one’s will be useful audience.


    • Well it is about reaching yes. but also about making my readers satisfied.  We are all different, and finding a good balance to satisfy as many people as possible is my main goal.

      Is easy for me to write content I think readers will like.  Ulitmately that is only me guessing though.  Finding out from my readers is really the only true way I know that I can help you get the content you really want.  I will of course write content that I feel will help my readers, and inform them about new products services etc that they may not know about.

  10. Hello Sam. I bookmarked this page and vapor4u. I guess you will expand more on this article later on. Looking forward to what you have in store for the future. I read the article about what is a vaping device and i might recommend it to any smoker friends i have (i don’t smoke).

    Good luck with your article and have a nice day.

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