Places To Visit In Tokyo Japan – Plan Your Next Holiday In Japan

Places To Visit In Tokyo Japan – Book Hotel Tokyo Japan.  Plan Your Next Holiday In Japan, Find Out About The Locals.  Learn A Couple Handy Words, Japanese Customs, What Tourist Do, Places To Eat. Make Your Next Holiday Your Best Holiday

Places To Visit In Tokyo Japan

Plan Your Next Holiday In Japan

Places To Visit In Tokyo Japan - Cheers

About the Locals – Couple Handy Words

  • Kanpai meaning “Cheers” is great for toasting anything in Japan. Raise a glass an say “Kanpai”
  • Hajimemashite meaning “Nice to meet you.”
  • Ohayou Gozaimasu “Good Morning”
  • Konninchiwa “Hello”
  • Konbanwa “Good evening”
  • Oyasuminasai “Good night”
  • Arigatou Gozaimasu “Thank you”
  • Watashi no Namae wa ~ desu “My name is”
  • e Ikitai Desu “I want to go to”
  • wa Doko Desuka “Where is”
  • Ikura Desuka “How much is it”
  • Ganbatte meaning “do your best” is a great way to encourage someone in Japan.  A lot of people who visit Japan don’t speak the language, so knowing at least a couple words is a great way to add to common visual expressions you can use to communicate.

Japanese Customs

Making a little effort can go a long way, and Japanese people are extremely appreciative when travelers make the effort to learn there customs.

  • Before entering a home, you will need to remove your shoes.
  • Bow when meeting, Japanese people are accustomed to shaking hands when meeting non-Japanese, so whether you bow or put out your hand to shake, you should still in most cases show respect.
  • Instead of handing your money to the cashier – place your payment on the small tray provided. This is where your change will be placed as well. Is common in most places in Japan
  • Tipping is simply not expected, it’s really not a part of Japanese culture, most likely will not be excepted.
  • Of Course there are many more Customs, but these are some basic useful ones.

Places To Visit In Tokyo Japan And The People

  • Places To Visit In Tokyo Japan
  • Plan Your Next Holiday In Japan

Hotels Tokyo Japan

Popular Hotels Tokyo Japan

  • Super Hotel Lohas Akasaka
  • Daiwa Roynet Hotel Tokyo Akabane
  • Hotel Sardonyx Ueno
  • The Hotel Keihan Asakusa
  • Hotel Wing International Select Asakusa Komagata
  • HOTEL MYSTAYS Hamamatsucho
  • The Hotel Hokke Club Asakusa
  • Hotel Sunroute Ariake

Cheapest Hotels Tokyo Japan

  • Hostel wahaku kotobuki
  • Tokyo Guest House 2020
  • Seven Garden
  • Playsis East Tokyo
  • Hotel 3000 Asakusa Honten
  • Narita Gateway Hotel

5 Star Hotels Tokyo Japan

  • The Peninsula Tokyo
  • Andaz Tokyo – A Concept by Hyatt
  • Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel
  • Mandarin Oriental Tokyo
  • Hotel Gajoen Tokyo
  • Conrad Tokyo
  • Hilton Tokyo Odaiba
  • ANA InterContinental Tokyo
  • InterContinental Tokyo Bay
  • Ascott Marunouchi Tokyo

Distance from City Center Hotels Tokyo Japan

  • Hotel Keihan Tokyo Yotsuya
  • The Hotel Wing International Premium Tokyo Yotsuya
  • Hotel Monterey Hanzomon
  • Hotel New Otani Tokyo the Main
  • APA Hotel Hanzomon Hirakawacho
  • Diamond Hotel Tokyo
  • Toshi Center Hotel
  • Hotel Listel Shinjuku
  • Nest Hotel Tokyo Hanzomon
  • The Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho, a Luxury Collection Hotel

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  • Places To Visit In Tokyo Japan

What Tourist Do in Tokyo Japan

  • “Plan Your Next Holiday In Japan”

P)lan Holiday In Tokyo Japan

  • During Chinese New Years – Tokyo is fairly popular to tourists
  • Artificial island of Odaiba – Leisure destination with sensational views of the skyline, amusement park attractions and shopping
  • Yakatabune Harumiya Cruise – Harumiya, host dinner cruises around Tokyo and Odaiba and offers a refreshing view of Tokyo by nightfall.
  • Cat Cafe MOCHA
  • More than a dozen cats roam the fourth-floor café.  Kitted out with a wooden sculptural tree in the center with seats built into the branches so cats can perch in the canopy. An experience that has to seen to be believed.


  • Tokyo Skytree – At 634 Meters, is the tallest tower in the world. 360-degree observation decks, It’s a major tourist attraction. Tokyo Skytree brings the skyline to a whole new level.
  • Sumo at Ryoguku Kokugikan – The stadium houses over 11,000 fans. Sometimes it hosts other events apart from Sumo (boxing, for example). If you’re hoping to see sumo in Tokyo, this is where to do it.
  • Tokyo National Museum – A national treasure—it’s Japan’s oldest museum. World’s most comprehensive collection of Japanese art, its 110,000 artifacts are rotated regularly throughout five distinct exhibition buildings. Situated in Ueno Park, with attractions like ancient shrines, temples, ponds, and over a thousand cherry blossom trees.
  • Ginza Six – Designed by architect Yoshio Taniguchi, over 46 000 square meters and spans a whole city block. Over 241 shops, where customers meander and stumble upon treasures from native designers to international brands.
  • Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden – Traditional gardens, the 144-acre park. Landmarks are stunning and impossible to forget, like a Taiwan Pavilion. Formerly an imperial garden, it became a national garden after World War II.
  • Akihabara – Must do for anyone that loves anime and electronics. Conveniently located and with tons shopping and restaurants nearby.

Places to Eat in Tokyo

Places To Eat In Tokyo Japan

  • Please don’t pass food to another person from chopstick to chopstick
  • Or stick your chopsticks vertically in your bowl of rice
  • Pull your plate or bowl with your chopsticks

Places To Visit In Tokyo Japan

With over 160,000 restaurants that are registered in Tokyo, you then have a staggering number of places to eat, so here are a couple to check out.

  • 7-Eleven and other convenient stores
  • Bakeries – buns, breads, cakes, and pastries of all sorts can be found here.
  • Yoshinoya and Sukiya Fast Food. Good for a quick cheap bite in a pinch.
  • Uoriki Kaisen Sushi – The sushi here is fabulous, seriously melt-in-your-mouth good.
  • Shin Udon – Best way to truly appreciate the handmade udon is with a cold udon dish
  • Sometaro Okonomiyaki – A savory Japanese pancake, every region has there own take on this popular dish
  • Tempura Shinjuku Tsunahachi Ginza – Battered and fried seafood, meats, and vegetables is part of Japanese cuisine
  • Flipper’s – an all out new sensation called soufflé pancakes.
  • Zaku Zaku – mashup of cream puffs and éclairs are made of almonds coated with sugar and egg white as well as a blend of Hokkaido-made flour with the cream centers made of milk.
  • Japanese Ice OUCA – Ice creamery located at a busy intersection in the neighbourhood of Ebisu.
  • Places To Visit In Tokyo Japan
  • Plan Your Next Holiday In Japan

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Now You Should Know All About Places To Visit In Tokyo Japan – Book Hotel Tokyo Japan.  Plan Your Next Holiday In Japan, Find Out About The Locals.  Learn A Couple Handy Words, Japanese Customs, What Tourist Do, Places To Eat. Make Your Next Holiday Your Best Holiday

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  1. Author’s gravatar

    Awesome information I am actually considering a trip to Japan in the coming months and will check back to your post to search your travel widget … looks easy to use . I also appreciate your insights on Japanese customs and was surprised to see you mention “Tipping is simply not expected, it’s really not a part of Japanese culture, most likely will not be excepted.” thank you for the information . just wondering does your travel widget update regularly ?

    1. Author’s gravatar

      Thank you for your comment Rick.

      Firstly I like to wish you the very best holiday when you go.  I feel it is important to know a bit about customs of the people you visit.  It can only make your trip a more enjoyable one.

      The Travel Widget is updated as prices change.  For the hotels, 800 000 hotels are in the database. So the feed would be updated very often to reflect what you looking for.

      Same for the air fares over 720 different airlines, and also different types of flights and seating, this would also be updating quite regularly as new discounted flights appear.

      Let me know if you need any more information and I will be happy to let you know more.  Also let me know how your holiday goes:)

  2. Author’s gravatar

    I like the Japanese way of life life, Japanese people are very respectful and cherish respect. Their modesty is unique and way of life is simple. How easy and fast can one learn the Japan language and how about the cost of living? Why do they put money on trays instead of giving the cashier? Is it a form of disrespect? Thanks.

    1. Author’s gravatar

      Hey Clement,

      Thank you for taking the time to ask a question and leave a comment.

      Offering change in a tray feels more polite than simply placing money in a customer’s hand. “Japanese prefer not to touch other people’s hands and the tray creates desirable distance,”

      Another reason is that a lot of transactions involve coins, so their is less chance of a coin dropping, and also makes it easy for people to see the money clearly.

      I don’t speak very much Japanese myself, But my 2 daughters learn t it pretty easy in school, So I would imagine an adult would learn it fairly easily.  

      The cost of living in Japan would vary a lot depending where you want to live, your habits, like most places around the world. Approx monthly expenses I could guess 100, 000 yen

  3. Author’s gravatar

    Ohayou Gozaimasu.  Good morning.   I am trying to decide where I would like to vacation next year.   I love pigs.  I raise them also.  So, I think that it could be especially fun to celebrate the Chinese New Year in Japan this year since 2019 will be the Year of the Pig.    However, I would like to do some more research to better understand what the pig symbolizes in your culture.       I saw on one of your other pages that Chinese New Year is celebrated from February 5 – 19th.    Is there a better time to celebrate? For example, are most festivities at the beginning or the end of that time period.   

    Thank you for writing this article.   You have shared a very nice overview of what it might be like to travel in Japan.    

    1. Author’s gravatar

      Ohayou Gozaimasu.  Good morning. to you too Sondra,

      Towards the end of the Chinese new years, people are getting ready to go back to work again, so the beginning would have more celebrations, in saying that the celebrations do go the whole 15 days.  I guess it would be a personal choice how you like to celebrate.

      In Chinese culture, pigs are the symbol of wealth.  Their chubby faces and big ears are signs of fortune as well. They can however also be seen as a not smart animal in China. It likes sleeping and eating and becomes fat. Thus it usually features laziness and clumsiness.

      Let me know if this answers your questions

  4. Author’s gravatar

    Japan  is definitely one of the world’s most attractive tourist destination as the are so rich in culture and cultural practices. 

    Thanks for enlightening us on their food ,culture and taboos. 

    Are there seats built on the cat cafe MOCHA for cats or humans too?

    I will definitely like to visit Tokyo. Is their visa application friendly?

    1. Author’s gravatar

      Thank you Kabirat,

      You so right about Japan,  I only showed a fraction of what you can expect, I think some mystery is always good when traveling.  I updated post to show the the wooden tree in the middle of the cafe.  There is seats for cats and humans, perches for the cats to sit in. Also they have open cages hanging around the ceiling that the cats can enter and leave in their own time. 

      Is quite a magical place if you love cats like I do.  We own 3 cats and they would love that restaurant.

      I not sure about the visa application, as I would imagine Japan would have different rules for different countries, I have no idea where you are from so I can’t even guess that answer without a little more information.


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