January 2019 Monthly Recap – Best Place 2 Update

January 2019 Monthly Recap – Best Place 2 Update – Welcome To All Our New Members, And Hello Again To Our Existing Members. Again January Has Been Another Great Month So Far For Best Place 2.  New Merchant Partners Have Been Connected, A Bunch Of New Posts And Reviews.

January 2019 Monthly Recap

Merchant Partners Added in January

Toy Universe

Toy Universe added January 2019 Monthly Recap

Toy Universe

  • This great partner Toy Universe is Australia’s No 1 Online Only Kids Toy Store.
  • 1000’s of toys from big brands as well as unique toys, games and puzzles not found elsewhere.
  • Delighting children from birth to teenage years since 2011.
  • Their passion of providing high play value toys at super affordable prices to all families.
  • The best toys worldwide to engage and entertain Australian and New Zealand children.
  • ToyUniverse is proudly 100% Australian owned
  • Customer service team is based in the regional area of the Manning Valley in NSW
  • Warehouse in Erskine Park, Sydney NSW.
  • When you buy from ToyUniverse you are supporting a regional Australian business.

Avery WePrint

Avery WePrint added January 2019

Avery WePrint

  • Weclome Avery WePrint, provide great quality products.
  • Provide a great service to their customers.
  • Avery WePrint Website makes the process as easy as possible.
  • Simply design your product, pick your quantities and click buy
  • Your order will reach you in time and are of the quality you expect of a Brand leader
  • Avery is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of printable labels
  • Free templates to design
  • Customise and print projects at home or for your business.
  • Avery WePrint also have a wide range of complementary office products such as dividers
  • Conferencing and filing solutions.

Pat Pat

pat pat

Pat Pat

  • As parents, we want all the best for our families.
  • From the moment you begin browsing Pat Pat Website to your first delivery they care.
  • Say goodbye to the middleman
  • By working directly with product manufacturers
  • They offer some of the lowest prices in the industry.
  • Safety and quality are of the utmost importance to Pat Pat.
  • Tthey go above and beyond what’s legally required to ensure each product meets our high quality standards.

Oz Game Shop

Also Added in January 2019

Oz Game Shop

  • Best Place 2 introduce you to Oz Game Shop are forward thinking, and dynamic internet based retailer of Video Games and entertainment products.
  • They have their Head office in Chesterfield, UK
  • Australia were paying some of the highest prices in the world for video games
  • Oz Game Shop decided to bring you the biggest titles at the best prices
  • Categories like Music, DVD & Blu-ray, Books and Toys & Games.
  • Almost 100,000 products for sale
  • Selling a range of products but specializing in Video Games as well as other gaming categories like Board & Card Games.
  • Player Points program with the site.
  • Categories like DVD & Blu-ray, Music and Books are also available.
  • Definitely A Handy Place To Visit

Best Clothes Online Shopping Sites

January has Been quite a busy Month

Being the first month of the year of 2019, I have focused a bit on planning for the new year. Reworked a bunch of my older articles and reviews. This is why January 2019 has seen a few less posts this month. Best Place 2 aims to provide a better experience each month, so part of the work we done this month may not be as visible as other month.

You can however look forward to a bunch more posts in the following months. As always we are always looking for feedback from our visitors. So I encourage you to leave as many questions and comments as you like on any page on this website.

This Month was also a launch to 2 more websites created by Sam Frederiksen Founder of Best Place 2


  • Great website for all your Vaping needs.
  • Give Up Smoking for Good
  • Save a bunch of money
  • Live Healthier than traditional cigarettes
  • Enjoy a bunch of new flavors and devices

Poetry From The Heart

  • New Poetry Website
  • Includes Poems written by my wife Kerri (kez)
  • Please enjoy these poems
  • Leave comments, my wife loves to engage with her readers.

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Look Forward to seeing you again and again.

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January 2019 Monthly Recap – Best Place 2 Update – Welcome To All Our New Members, And Hello Again To Our Existing Members. Again January Has Been Another Great Month So Far For Best Place 2.  New Merchant Partners Have Been Connected, A Bunch Of New Posts And Reviews.

16 Replies to “January 2019 Monthly Recap – Best Place 2 Update”

  1. Nice monthly recap Sam, good to see your site is still growing and you are constantly learning, my favorite new merchant has got to be Toy Universe not only because it’s a great place to pick up some toys at an amazing rate, but also because I am a big kid at heart. Keep up the good work !!

    • thank you, will let you know about any new merchants.  Just a quick update beaurepaires and National Geographic have fixed their issues and are back online again.

  2. Hi Sam, I love buying books for presents and I often choose Dymocks Bookstore. They have a great selection of literature, study books, maps and children books.

    Avery WePrint sounds really interesting as well, specially for more crafty people! 

    I’m really pleased to hear January has been busy for you guys, congrats and I wish you all the best in February as well and all months followed!!

    • Thanks Katya.  Avery Weprint is really for everyone not just crafty people:)  They make a lot of useful things their:)  Thank you for your kind words

  3. This is a great post! 

    I have never been to your site before but it looks great! These merchants look like they really have a great selection of products. The one that caught my eye is Oz Game Shop. I like the fact that they sell video games as well as board games. To me, it’s like the best of the new and old forms of entertainment.

    Its even crazier because they sell music, movies and DVD’s so they are literally like a one-stop shop for all your entertainment needs.

    It may be a stupid question but do they deliver games all over the world or just specific countries?

    Thanks for sharing this information!

    • Most of the shops in my shopping area will ship to just about anywhere in the world.  I can’t guarentee every single country as trade agreements and the like can change at any time.  And quite honestly I don’t know every country in the world.  But the majority of countries are available for shipping

  4. A great recap for the month of January 2019 for your website and online activities for Best Place 2. It looks like you have a busy year planned for yourself, and I have no doubt that the stores you are partnering with for commissions will do well. They are national or international brands and have quality products and service.

    I read with interest the international companies, as this is similar to some of my activities. I do affiliate marketing with one leg of my online activities, and it has worked out well for me. That is not the only market segment I am involved in, but the beauty of affiliate marketing is that you do the work up front and can earn for many months thereafter.

    The store selections you ware working with are important, of course. It can mean the difference between making a decent amount of income versus almost none. This was something I had to feel my way through. I want to offer value to my followers, as is evident you do as well, and some quite honestly did not make the cut.

    It is also apparent that you are looking out for your followers, that is what I call offering true value for them. It will keep them coming back, as they trust your recommendations and will not have any problems purchasing through your links. All the best for the rest of 2019, it seems you are well on your way to a successful year!

    • Very nice Comment Dave,

      Really appreciate the time you took to give feedback.  This is the very kind of comments I love to hear not just because you said nice things but also because you left useful feedback not just for me to help improve my website but also for other people that visit my website.

      I definately do try to look out for my followers as I want to help people first before any other goal.  Is a kinda feeling you get from helping people that can’t be copied anywhere else.

      Look forward to hearing from you again.

  5. Hi Sam and Kerri,
    I really enjoyed reading your monthly recap for January 2019. I know of several successful webpreneurs who also provide a monthly goals report as well as a monthly sales report. They say transparency is key. It builds consumer trust. Another unique quality is that you also discuss your other interests (other sites). Doing so, piqued my interest. I plan to visit Vaper4U soon. I do not vape, but my son owns a vape shop and I want to learn more about the industry. Great site!

    • Thank you for taking the time to comment.
      Always great to hear about my followers thoughts on my website.
      Glad I was able to write something you have enjoyed and
      create other websites that interest you as well.

      Let me know if their is anything I can write in the future
      that you may be interested in.

  6. I love poetry, it is my companion, it takes me to the Mars and I often have paradise-like experience with love poems. It is pretty nice that you are updating your readers on best possible offers in different product categories. Managing multiple websites can be so challenging, I wish you and your wife the best in online world.Do you do detailed review of products on your website?

    • Thank you for your kind words.  I been doing more broader scopes of products up to now as I have a lot goods and services I offer.  In time I may go into specific products in more details.  For now my focus is letting poeople know they have options here at Best Place 2 that they not likely to find elsewhere on the web in one spot.

  7. Hey Sam,

    this is a very informational monthly recap of January 2019, great job! It’s true- January 2019 was truly a busy month and just like You- I’ve focused more on going back to my older articles, reworking & updating them rather than writing new articles & reviews. As I got more experienced in writing, I think it is very important to go back to the older articles and implement Your new skill set and abilities into those articles/reviews to make them more detailed, more informative and more exciting! I choose quality over quantity anytime of day! I wonder- how Google reacts to content updates & reworks, does it benefit the rankings/popularity of the posts in some kind of way?

    Anyways, keep up the great work Sam and best of luck to You 😉

    • Thank you Evaid,

      Google likes updates on content.  I suggest if you do an update you manually fetch your new update in web master tools and resubmit it for indexings.

      Obviuosly you will want to make sure your content is improved in some way or you may have negativbe results.

  8. These are all awesome products. I like the OZ Game Shop. I remember going into my local game shop at one point in my life and just remembered browsing through all the latest cool games. It was some of the awesome times and memories going into the shop and just getting lost in a plethora of media and electronics. Thank you for this.

    • I know what you mean. It is nice to actually have a bit more choice here.  Before I found this website I was swapping around to quite a few, which can work just is annoying.  I kinda like to have it all in one place.

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