Interesting Things, do Brisbane Australia – Natural ways Relieve Stress Anxiety

Interesting Things, do Brisbane Australia – Natural ways Relieve Stress Anxiety

November 24, 2018 15 By Sam Frederiksen

Interesting Things, do Brisbane Australia – Natural ways Relieve Stress Anxiety – Doug Larsen Park – Fun for the whole Family – Why I like natural ways to relieve stress, anxiety


Interesting Things do Brisbane Australia

Doug Larsen Park – Fun for the whole Family

Today we are not going to kill two birds with the same stone

Instead we are going to go on a free adventure and discover activities the whole family will love. This location is less than 30 minutes drive CBD. These are interesting things Do Brisbane Australia. Feed the birds. Want to relieve stress anxiety, can’t think of a better way than looking over at the swans swimming in the lake while you and the kids are feeding the ducks

Natural ways Relieve Stress Anxiety

Interesting Things do Brisbane Australia

Interesting Things do Brisbane Australia

Doug Larsen Park – Fun for the whole Family

Been busy at work all week? Feeling Stressed? Kids Board? Family Is Important

This is popular destination for local kids, whole families, people getting exercise, people letting there hair down and just relaxing. Interesting is how the locals have kept this a secret from just about everyone else. Although Doug Larsen Park has a 4.5 our 5 Star rating. It is quite well-kept secret to the locals. Maybe they want this park all to themselves.

Natural ways Relieve Stress Anxiety – Fun for the whole Family

Overview of Activities you can Do

  • Barbecue (electric)
  • Basketball
  • Car Park Free
  • Feeding the ducks
  • Fitness equipment
  • Lake Views
  • Fun for the whole Family
  • Picnic area
  • Playground
  • Relax
  • Skate facilities
  • Toilets
  • Walk through Tunnels
  • Walks

Natural ways Relieve Stress Anxiety

Kids just love going through these Tunnels. Is a few near the pathways

Interesting Things do Brisbane Australia

Barbecue (electric)

  • Great for family get together
  • Out door lunch
  • Kids Birthday parties
  • Work Lunch away from office

Doug Larsen Park – Fun for the whole Family


Enjoy shooting some hoops


  • Enjoy Shooting some hoops
  • While enjoying nice lake backdrop
  • Have you still got what it takes to our shoot your kids

Car Park Free

  • Convent free car parking
  • Easy access to shops nearby
  • Take a mini bus, and bring a crowd

Natural ways Relieve Stress Anxiety

Feeding the ducks

  • My kids love to feed the ducks
  • The lake does not just have ducks
  • Swans and other water birds also share the lake
  • Remember my daughter one day just walking right up to one the larger swans.
  • They seem to be used to people around.

Doug Larsen Park

Fitness equipment

  • Plenty of different park exercise equipment
  • Rowing machines
  • Chest Press
  • Person Ski
  • Lat Pull Down
  • Lots more
  • Conveniently laid our in a pathway circuit

Fun for the whole Family

Interesting Things do Brisbane Australia

Lake Views

  • While your kids playing in the Park enjoy the views
  • If your kids are younger, Keep at least one eye them please.
  • The lake is separated by bridges that you can walk across
  • This allows you to see the lake from nearly every part of the park
  • Great Holiday Photo Opportunity

Doug Larsen Park

Picnic areas

  • Personally recommend the different picnic areas all around the park
  • Most have shelters
  • Is a couple larger areas as well for larger groups
  • If privacy is more your thing this could be the perfect spot for you

Relaxing Spot


  • One huge playground area and several smaller playground areas scattered across this quite large park.
  • I really like the layout of this park as it close to the road for the larger playground
  • The larger picnic areas also fairly close to the road
  • What really is ideal is that there are smaller playgrounds in different areas, perfect for less crowded area
  • All the playgrounds are connected by a network of pathways that wind around the park and the lake.

Natural ways Relieve Stress Anxiety


  • If relaxing is more your thing, then we have that covered too.
  • Seats are spread our along the pathways, Ideal if you have issues walking
  • Also Ideal if you just want and look at the scenery
  • Is really a great place to just ponder about your life
  • Dream a little.
  • It is not Disneyland, but by no means discount this park
  • Is totally free admission
  • Is kept clean and tidy
  • Considering it’s location not far from Beenleigh Central
  • It really is a paradise.
  • While in the park, you could easy forget you actually close to civilization

bmx track

Skate and BMX Facilities

  • Skate Ramps
  • BMX Track
  • This park has it all.


  • Always handy to have.

Natural ways Relieve Stress Anxiety

Walk through Tunnels

  • Great popular choice for boys and girls
  • They seem to love going through to the other side.
  • A few of these tunnels are just off the pathway


  • As mentioned a few times, Pathways seem to lead everywhere
  • While you walk along the paths why not try the exercise equipment stops
  • Or just stroll by while you see other people enjoy them
  • Is really a nice place to go for walks
  • Even though I have chronic fatigue syndrome and get tired easily I enjoy walks here with my youngest daughter
  • Is always a popular ask after school. “Dad can we go to the duck park” as the locals have called it

Natural ways Relieve Stress Anxiety

Relaxing Things, Do near Brisbane, Australia

One of the best things about this place is that is about half-way between popular destination and holiday tourist area Surfers Paradise and Brisbane City, the capital of the state of Queensland. So if you live interstate or overseas and you think of some fun free things to do while being a visitor to Queensland, keep Doug Larsen Park in your Interesting things, do Brisbane Australia List of actives.

I often go here, usually with my daughter just to get away from it all and relax. My daughter finds it a great way to unwind after a hard day at school. I have been asked many times to take her and a friend to “the duck park”.

Why I like natural ways to relieve stress, anxiety

  • We already have so many chemicals in our food
  • Taking tablets to relieve stress can work
  • But sometimes you can just unwind in nature and let the real world take throws feelings of anxiety and gloom away.
  • Stress has always been a leading cause of death throughout the world.
  • I say, any way we can reduce the stress and anxiety we all feel in our every day lives the better.

Natural way relieve stress anxiety

How to find on the Map

the duck park

  • 41 Logan St, Beenleigh 4207
  • Perfected located close to many popular tourist destinations
  • Just this little gem is a pretty much unknown one.
  • Has well and truly deserved it’s 4 and half star rating

How to book a Flight Ticket – Holiday Surface Paradise

  • Click here – This link will compare a bunch of airlines and find the best price.
  • Surface Paradise is the closest Airport, But Brisbane Airport is also quite close
  • Plenty of great places to see in both Surface Paradise and Brisbane City.
  • Also everywhere in between seems to offer special little gems.

How to Book a Hotel Online

  • Really the option where to stay in this region is really up to you
  • Beaches close by are some of the best in the world
  • Mt Tamborine, ideal mountain setting close by
  • Stay in beautiful Brisbane in any number of great locations
  • Hotels are abundant in the sunshine state of Queensland
  • Click here to book your next Hotel Accommodation


If it is relaxing, natural ways of relieving stress and anxiety, fun day out with the family, just want to go for a walk, do some exercise, catch up with friends. Do something free to cut down costs without taking the fun or memories away. I think you will agree with me this has to be a top choice to be included in your list of interesting things, Do Brisbane Australia Today – Fun for the whole Family

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Interesting Things, do Brisbane Australia – Natural ways Relieve Stress Anxiety – Doug Larsen Park – Fun for the whole Family – Why I like natural ways to relieve stress, anxiety

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