How To Stand Out In The Crowd – Intelligence Starts with Action

Find Out How Stand Out In The Crowd – Intelligence Starts with Action – Discover how to do things differently from the Rest Of The Crowd. Achieve More.  Action Is Key.

How To Stand Out In The Crowd

Think Seriously About This

How To Stand Out In The Crowd

Are You Part of the 1% or the 99%?

Have You made the Wrong Career Choice?

How to Stand Out In The Crowd - Do You Hate What You Do?
Do You Hate What You Do?

How Stand Out In The Crowd

Fork in Road - How Stand Out In The Crowd

Which Road will you Take the 1% or the 99%

Replace My Income – How Stand Out In The Crowd

Top One Percent Have Investments – Portfolio

  • One great solution is find something to invest in.
  • I currently have invested into the Revain, ELA(Elastos) And XRP Cryptocurrency
  • I like this market cause it is something anyone can start in.
  • Do your Due Diligence
  • Educate yourself on Blockchain
  • Ripple are involved in cheaper money transfers and conversions, using the currency XRP
  • This is my number one Tip for 2019.
  • It is a multi trillion dollar industry where this company has solved 2 needs cost and speed, using the Cryptocurrency XRP.

Another Cryptocurrency I Currently Interested In

  • Revain Article
  • Is a few others I like at the moment as well, such as ELA(Elastos) said to be the next Etherium.
  • Maybe if you are part of the 99% you may want to Do Things Differently- Investing.

How Stand Out In The Crowd

Where I got started

How I Got Started In Cryptocurrency

Some Other Great Investing Ideas – Stand Out

The 1% Do Things Differently 

  • Real Estate as Investment
  • Business that produces cash flow – Do Things Differently
  • Use that cash flow to fuel your new investments.
  • Startups and many more similar investments can be very profitable.
  • Please do your research first.
  • Create your own Website for Free
  • I will cover these with a future blogs.
  • Start a YouTube Channel
  • I suggest you add this website to your favorites, as I continually add new posts and update old articles.
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How Stand Out In The Crowd

Replace Your Income – Wealthy Affiliate

  • I am very active in this business
  • I believe this has some the best Training in this Industry
  • Support with a great community that are eager and willing to help you every step of the way to your success.
  • For a quick overview
  • Review of Wealthy Affiliate by Best Place 2
  • After registering for free, I personally suggest you think strongly about upgrading to premium.
  • This your future we are talking about.
  • Treat any business like a business and you will get good results.
  • Treat it like a hobby and get hobby results.

Make Money and Learn the Basics

For Fun, I Have Included

Just Kidding | Marry For Love Not Money
Just Kidding – Marry for Love
  • Marry someone rich.
  • You might not be happy lol
  • but you might not need to work.
  • (highly suggest you marry for love only)

Buy a Lotto Ticket

  • Sure this can work if you super lucky
  • Lots of people do buy lotto tickets
  • I personally like the first 2 Options.
  • But hey I am trying to cover some of your options.
  • Be nice if you could just win

Be Like the 1%


  • I was looking for ways myself over many years and honestly the first 2 options here are working for me.
  • Both are free to have a look.
  • I personally have invested in both myself, as I done a lot of research in cryptocurrencies as of late.
  • Also, when I joined wealthy affiliates as a free member
  • I started the training and quickly realized this is a real opportunity.
  • Upgraded by the 2nd day and have not looked back.
  • I now growing quite fast here but also on social media.

Do Yourself a Favor Stand Out In The Crowd

  • Make your own decision and I am convinced you will see what I have seen.

How To Stand Out In The Crowd - Take Action

Always Do Your Due Diligence !!!!

Can only suggest you at least try the free services so you can educate yourself to the possibilities.

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6 thoughts on “How To Stand Out In The Crowd – Intelligence Starts with Action

  1. Author’s gravatar

    I am part of the 99% :), not proudly though, It’s like a legacy handed over to me by our forefathers. Work 8 hours per day in my 9-5 job, unfortunately the salary can hardly make my wife and kids feel proud of me. It’s like I am working, just to be able to pay bills and rentals, its so frustrating.

    I loved your eye opener tips, I have been thinking of starting a side hustle and I think you have highlighted me very good options. 

    I have just bookmarked your website, it has a wealthy of information. I will be looking for the best option from those you provided, but from the first glance, I loved Cryptocurrency and Wealthy Affiliate platform

    I will be in touch with you for help

    Thank you so much       

    1. Author’s gravatar

      I think the important thing to do is start, even if it is small steps at first.  When I was a lot younger I thought the only way to be rich was to be born rich or like I said in my post win the lotto.  I also though even with a decent income which I had while I was a carpenter was not really enough to make a differenece, and I held myself back because I was unaware of the opportunities that really are out their for people today.  You don’t need thousands and thousands of dollars in savings to start.  You need a WHY to do it. the rest will come as you need it.

  2. Author’s gravatar

    Hi Sam Thank you for your interesting article. 

    The tendency to procrastinate is one of human’s biggest enemy’s, linking taking action to intelligence is an interesting concept. 

    I think to be part of that 1% you need to have at least 3 sources of income. At least 2 of these sources should be passive or require minimum hours per week. I suggest starting with at least 1 side-income project if you are full time employed. What do you think? 

    All the best 

    Louis Munro 

    1. Author’s gravatar

      I think Ideally you want as many income streams as possible.  The old saying to not carry all your eggs in one basket has never been so meaningful as it is today.  For people working full time, I find at least when I was full time, I was so motivated to have time and money I was really willing to do whatever it took to get my life back.  For 20 years I worked full time as a carpenter. 

      The money was great, but what wasn’t great was my time off.  I could really never plan anything for more than a week or so, otherwise I would risk losing my contracts.  I actually found when I was doing network marketing a few years back that busy people were the best people to talk to about business and starting new business.  Not because of their experience.  

      What I found is that busy people get things done.  SImple as that.

      I remember approaching lots of people that had heaps of time, and I can assure you a lot of them had a lot of time cause they never did anything.

      I appreciate your comment though, as I feel a lot of people may be inclined to think if they work full time and have other commitments they don’t have time to get the life they deserve.  This is of course not the case.

      Look forward to any further comments or questions you may have.  I liked your comment.

  3. Author’s gravatar

    The so called 1% indeed think differently than the rest. The key word here is think. You say that one key thing they do is to invest-create that steady cash flow. Then reinvest that money in a new or different project. The 1% are always thinking: how can this or that make money for me? TO get to that point there’s plenty of work to do; if it’s their passion it will will not feel like it. That’s it find what you’ll do for free and then make it into an asset.

    1. Author’s gravatar

      I love your outlook on this.  I agree if you can find something you love it will never feel like work.  And yes they do think differently.  Most successful people I meet are very good at solving problems.  So like you said find something you can do for free, that you love as part of your cash flow.  You will always have some work to do.  I find doing your Due Diligence takes some effort but the rewards for doing that outweigh any other type of work I have ever done.


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