How To Focus In Life To Stop Bad Habits

How To Focus In Life To Stop Bad Habits

December 6, 2018 10 By Sam Frederiksen

How To Focus In Life To Stop Bad Habits – Change Your Life With Google Maps Driving Directions, Best Place 2 Get What You Want Out Of Life All The Time, Every Time.

Google Maps Driving Directions

Best Place 2 Stop Bad Habits

How To Focus In Life

Google Maps Driving Directions

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Today I would like to show you Google maps driving directions to stop bad habits, What happens when we drive in the wrong directions? Is a similar answer to this question.

Why Stop Bad Habits?

  • If we don’t follow driving directions, we have a very good chance of ending up somewhere we don’t want to be. We become lost. Maybe Google maps can help? Why is this similar to stop bad habits?
  • Stop bad habits has, a very similar destination. In both we want to be heading in the right direction, so we are not lost.
  • Google maps driving directions is a great way to first find out where you are, then determines a bunch of different ways to get you to where you want to go. After the initial search it attempts to find the best route for you. It makes corrections along the way if you veer off course.
  • What I would like to share with you today my friend is a way to stop bad habits from forming in the first place.

Stop Bad Habits And Focus In Life

How to change Your Focus In Life

  • Back to thinking about Google maps driving directions, How does Google maps know where you are? Firstly it determines by GPS your location, but to give you directions it also needs to know the direction you are traveling. So after a short time it pings your GPS again then determines if you are moving and in what direction. Then formulates the best road to take to get you back on track.
  • How does this help me stop bad habits and change your focus in life? What I am about to share with you is so powerful you will want to read to the end of my post. You will regain focus in life, form good habits and head in a direction that will lead you to success.
  • Changing your focus is quite a simply process, but the benefits are very powerful.

Stop Bad Habits

Best Place 2 How To Focus In Life

Where to Start

  • Lets start with an example. Here is a common thing people say to themselves
  • I am having a bad day
  • What do you think the focus of this statement is? Most would say having a bad day, and yes you are right. Think you will be right with my next statement.
  • I don’t want to have a bad day. Is the focus opposite to the last statement? I think a lot of people would say yes. Now this is where I hope to educate you. The focus is exactly the same. But you said “I don’t want to”, You actually in your mind ignore that part and the key focus is “have a bad day”
  • This is going to be a little hard for people to wrap there heads around at first so bare with me please.

Change your focus in life

What Should I do Instead?

  • This is how technique becomes powerful. “Have a bad day” is clearly a negative focus, which would lead you to surround yourself with thoughts of having a bad day. What we want to do is find the opposite positive equivalent statement.
  • One easy opposite suggestion may be “have a good day”, of course there would be many others, but Let’s try keep this simple.
  • OK so Let’s say I willing to try your technique out, I am having a good day? but I am not it really is a bad day, How do I change my focus and still be correct? Could say “I am having a 30% good day”. Yes weird way to think, but is it really. What you think your focus is on now? I will let you answer that.
  • But I am having the worst day in my life, surely it can’t get any worse? I would respond so you have close to 2% happiness of your best day. Hopefully you can see what I am doing, even if you “believe 10% this works” From Now on I will be focusing on what I want. Hopefully you can as well.

Google Maps Driving Directions to Stop Bad Habits

How To Focus In Life With Google Driving Maps

Some more examples Directions to Stop Bad Habits

  • Google Maps Driving Directions definitely can help you get directions to help you get where you want.
  • If you have trouble finding a focus that is a positive spin on your “less than positive focus” and start thinking in terms increasing “the start of Good Habits Percentage”
  • Why not just type in Google search what is the opposite of.
  • I am sure with practice you will find many more key phrases you can improve.

Best Place To Show How To Focus In Life With Google

Get What you Want out of Life

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How To Focus In Life To Stop Bad Habits – Change Your Life With Google Maps Driving Directions, Best Place 2 Get What You Want Out Of Life All The Time, Every Time.

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