Free Lotto Tickets Online – PayPal Prizes – Website Traffic Credits

Get Your Free Lotto Tickets Online – PayPal Prizes – Website Traffic Credits – Yes Free lotto tickets are definitely given away here – FREETRAFFICLOTTO combines traffic exchanging with a cool lotto game competition


Free Lotto Tickets Online

Hey Friend,

I am so happy you decided to visit today.  You are going to love FreeTrafficLotto and here is why.

  • Free way to generate website traffic to your own website
  • PayPal Prizes
  • Read On to find out How all this works
  • Look forward to seeing you on the winners page.
  • Good Luck Everyone

What a Fantastic Online Competition.

Free Lotto Tickets Online Are Available Here

Free Lotto Tickets Online – Pay Pal Prizes


  • Get Paid directly to your Pay Pal Account
  • Chance to win up to $600 Dollars real money.
  • Smaller $10 Dollar prizes also available
  • Surf Only 8 Pages and Earn a Free Lotto Ticket
  • Pick your own numbers
  • Earn as many Lotto tickets as you like – no limit
  • Lotto Drawn are every Saturday
  • Match 2 or more correct numbers to win a prize.
  • Pick 6 Numbers from a pool of 48 numbers

Free Lotto Tickets – Website Traffic Credits


Free Lotto Tickets Online And Free Website Traffic

  • Need to Promote Something Online?
  • Chance to win up to 30000 Website Traffic Credits
  • Win up to 45000 Banner Impressions
  • Bonus – Free Faucets
  • Chance to win up to 45000 Text Links
  • Lotto Drawn are every Saturday
  • Match 2 or more correct numbers to win a prize.
  • Smallest prize – 15 Credits, 20 Banner Impressions, 20 Text Links
  • Need your own free hosted website? Click here
  • Got your own website but got nothing to Promote? – Click here
  • Check out Best Place 2 Free menu tab top of page for other great free products and services

Free Lotto Tickets Online – How it Works


Free Website Traffic Credits

  • FREETRAFFICLOTTO combines traffic exchanging with a cool lotto game.
  • Surfing will give you free lotto tickets
  • Pick 6 numbers out of a card of 48 numbers
  • Play as many lotto tickets as you want
  • Surf only 8 pages – 10 second timer
  • After getting your free lotto ticket your screen should look like this

Free Lotto Tickets Online The Confirmed Ticket

Free Lotto Tickets – Surf and Earn

Surf And Win Lotto Tickets

  • Surf and earn Lotto tickets and website credits
  • Also earn points as you surf
  • Super Easy Verification After each Page Surfed

Free Lotto Tickets Online Human Verification

  • Use Credits and Points to run different campaigns
  • Get Free Tickets Now Click Here
  • Tell your friends and earn referral commissions
  • I sure your friends could use an Extra $600 dollars in their PayPal Account
  • Perfect Win Win


Fantastic for everyone. Don’t own a website?, easy fixed get a free website here. Of course you also have the option to promote other stuff. Have a look on my getting started page for ideas. Other Ideas, you can promote a YouTube Channel or your favorite donation. Really love this place and so will you.

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Free Lotto Tickets – Pay Pal Prize – Website Traffic Credits – Yes Free lotto tickets are definitely given away here – FREETRAFFICLOTTO combines traffic exchanging with a cool lotto game competition

12 thoughts on “Free Lotto Tickets Online – PayPal Prizes – Website Traffic Credits

  1. Author’s gravatar

    I’ve been looking for several ways to promote my business online and I think this is the best platform to do that. I’m lucky I came across this post.I want to ask you what task or how much will I have to pay to promote my business on this platform?. I will be looking forward to your reply, thanks.

    1. Author’s gravatar

      You can do this totally free,

      They do have upgrade options.

      Log in and see if any of the many options are suitable for your needs.

      For a related post you welcome to read this

  2. Author’s gravatar

    Thank you for sharing with us this great article on Free Lotto Tickets.I am very interested with this free lotto ticket because it is free and no credit card information asked.

    We are having many platform which are helping people to make money online and I will try this to get free traffic on my website.

    It is a very interesting post.

    1. Author’s gravatar

      You are most welcome,

      Thank you for your comment

  3. Author’s gravatar

    Hello Sam, very good and informative article about Free Lotto Tickets. It is a very interesting concept that it combines traffic exchanging with lotto game competition. In this lotto opportunity you have many options to get something, but you still need a bit of luck 😉 Thanks for sharing with us!

    1. Author’s gravatar

      Any lotto you need luck.

      But as I also mentioned even if you don’t win you still earn credits.

      So you really can’t lose

  4. Author’s gravatar

    Hi Sam,

    Do you mean one does not have to pay any money to play the lottery ? 

    How do I get traffic to my website is it by viewing 8 other websites. So one gets traffic to my website and a chance to win $600. I feel it’s  to good to be true.

    I think to win lottery one needs to have a bit of luck. How many times can one play the game to gain traffic? 

    1. Author’s gravatar

      Exactly right.

      Their is no limit to how many tickets you can get.

      And even if you don’t win you can use the credits to promote your own websites

      Not got a website? click here for a free hosted website of your own

  5. Author’s gravatar

    Thank you for the information on Free Lotto Traffic.

    I have a website and would be great to have more traffic to my site. The Free Lotto Traffic seems interesting. Just wonder how it works.

    How does the Free Lotto Traffic helps in generate traffic to a website?

    Is there a time limit to join as free member?

    1. Author’s gravatar

      Great question,

      You can join or leave whenever you want, so no restrictions

      If you after website traffic, this is a great additional source.  While other people like you are trying to win money or website credit to put towards their own website they begin by pressing the surf button after each short ad, which is traffic to someone else using this service, you get a little check to see if you seen page, then the next one loads.

      After 8 pages you are given a lotto ticket.

      Want more tickets just keep surfing.

      Even if you don’t win a lotto prize you will still earn credits to put towards banner ads, ads like you already seeing etc.

  6. Author’s gravatar is my favorite game and thanks for putting all these things together. It would be fantastic to see $600 cash in my PayPal account lol. I’m going to try this out today and I’m keen to see how my web traffic going to increase or not. Have a good luck man! 

    1. Author’s gravatar

      Best of Luck


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