Change My Life Spell – Directions With Examples, Goals, Objectives

Change My Life Spell – Directions With Examples, Goals, Objectives – Easy Step By Step, Powerful Life Changing – Move Forward Towards Your Dreams

Change My Life Spell – The Real Magic

by Sam Frederiksen –

  • With Road Maps Directions with Examples, Goals, Objectives

Change your Thinking

Today more and more people find themselves caught in the mouse wheel, they seem trapped in an ongoing cycle of go to bed, wake up, get ready, do the same thing, go to bed. Are you one of the many people? Comment end of post.  Use the power of your mind to manifest your future, just like real magic.

Change My Life Spell - Directions With Examples, Goals, Objectives
Stop spinning the Mouse Wheel

Lets See The Magic Spell

Change Your Life

Road Maps Directions

Today Will challenge you, will tug relentlessly on your heart and mind, It will encourage you to reach for more, to become more, do more than you could ever of imagined. Following these simple to follow road map directions, with examples, goals and objectives. I will cast a mind blowing spell on you to propell your life to where you want to be.

Simple to Follow But Not So Easy To Do

Your first example will be me giving you some ideas, Please though make this all about you not me. Naturally if we have a similar goal that is fine.  Magic just happens, but action takes effort.

Example of a couple of Goals

  1. Want to have a new car
  2. Work only when I want
  3. Not wake up to an alarm clock unless I want to
  4. Make bed every morning
Change My Life Spell - Powerful Life Changing - Move Forward Towards Your Dreams
Change Your Life

Now Your Turn

Write a list of 100 Goals

Don’t Go to 2nd Objective till you Finish This. Important!!!

Road Maps Directions

Objective One

I did say this easy to follow, now you will see why it is not so easy to do yourself. Create a list of 10 things even 30 things is easy. 100 Goals will challenge you, Make you really actually think what you want in life. You will soon discover things about yourself you didn’t realize.  Materialize real results using these like magic spell instant solutions.

Change Your Life

Don’t skip this Objective

  • I really hope you have taken the time to magically change your life

I really hope you have taken the time to complete Objective One.  Many things in life are not easy, they are however definitely worth doing. Break from the mouse trap cycle now and finish your list of 100 goals if you not already done it. Please this is for you not me. Change Your Life.  This is just like a Spell Book. Writing down your dreams is like casting a spell that will like magic, give you what you most desire.


Change Your Life

Road Maps Directions

Objective Two

  • Use Pictures, Sounds, Help you Visualize and Feel
  • Example Using Pictures To Visualize And Feel Your Goal



Change Your Life Like Magic Spell New Red Sports Car
Red Sports Car – We all know Red goes Faster

Want to have a new car, Imagine the Roaring Engine, The shiny new paint, The smell of the interior of my new car, The looks of the people that you drive past.  Cast a spell on your mind and like magic your subconscious will make it appear.



Create Nagical Spells To Chane Your Life
Your Choice when to Work

Work only when I want, Choose when and where I work, Imagine how good this will feel, No stress


Change My Life Spell - Move Forward Towards Your Dreams
Destroy that Alarm Clock

Not wake up to an alarm clock unless I want to, Ahhhhhhh Sleep in, start the day when I want, Get up early to go surfing, Enjoy my breakfast. Add to my spell book more magical goals.


Clear The Air Conjure A Clean Enviroment
Nice Clean Made Bed

Make bed every morning, Imagine when you really tired and just want to sleep, How nice it will feel to just slip in bed therefore not having to make it first. Have people come over and not be embarrassed with state of bedroom for instance.  Change my life spells can cast your dreams into reality.

How to Change Your Life

Your Turn Again

Yes this is also going to make you think, Soon you will start to see a few changes. Your Life will never be the same if you actually do this and not just read. Go On, You want to Change your life yeah?? No one else is going to do this for you. This is your life make it happen. If you after a helping hand, simply look down your arms, There are 2 hands just there waiting for you to take action.

Road Maps Directions

Objective Three

Now Do Two Things On Your list Today

I will let you cheat here, If you have filled your list with really hard goals that will take many years to complete, firstly I will commend you, You are part of a very small percentage of people. If this is the case just add 2 more things to your list. 100 is the minimum you can have as many more on the list as you like but no less. We need you to really stretch your thinking.

Example of Easy Goals That You Can Do


Change Your Life
Clean Environment

Take out the Rubbish Bin Every Morning, Nice feeling having House clean, smells nice, looks nice. Don’t mind having visitors


Change Your Life
Catch up with a Friend

Catch Up with a Friend and have a Chat, Enjoy the company, At home, At a friends place, In the Park, On the phone, Remember how you feel laughing, remembering, sharing

You Guessed it Your Turn

Again this is important, even achieving a simple goal will help you develop a mindset that achieving and goal is possible.  Empower yourself to live a life you deserve.

This is Part of your Journey to a Better You

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Change My Life Spell

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Change My Life Spell – Directions With Examples, Goals, Objectives – Easy Step By Step, Powerful Life Changing – Move Forward Towards Your Dreams


2 thoughts on “Change My Life Spell – Directions With Examples, Goals, Objectives

  1. Author’s gravatar

    To do list is always one of my favorite thing to do when im planning for something , and you mentioned really good point you could know what you want (Goal) but don’t know how to reach is which is more important in my opinion . thanks you your article waiting for the next one

    1. Author’s gravatar

      Thank you for your Comment,

      The How is always Out there, But if you think about it, without a clear and define goal that you passionate about why would you lift a finger to do anything?. The more you look into a goal and I mean really look into . Explore it not just say I have a goal but take time to really think about what you want. The more powerful it becomes.  

      You can overcome any obstacle that is in your way if your dream is bigger.

      I do believe knowing how to reach the goal is important, How will not motivate you though. I have Plenty of ways to achieve the How. I have already posted some great articles on that. And will continue to create them.

      Love to hear more about your thoughts on this. Subscribe if you want to stay informed

      Have an awesome Day.


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