How to Book Travel Insurance Online – QBE Travel Insurance Review

How to Book Travel Insurance Online – QBE Travel Insurance Review. Benefits of having Travel Insurance – Why travel insurance is as important as a passport, regardless of your destination.

QBE Travel Insurance Review

  • Peace of mind
  • QBE was established in 1886 making over 130 years of experience
  • In the top 25 re insurers worldwide.

How to Book Travel Insurance Online

How to Book Travel Insurance Online

Benefits of Having Travel Insurance

  • Personal Liability
  • Unexpected Financial Expense
  • Cost of Replacing
  • Getting help overseas
  • Frequent Flyer Points
  • Cancellations
  • Passport is lost
  • Dental Issues
  • Air lifting to a hospital
  • Experience of a medical event

  • How to Book Travel Insurance Online
  • QBE Travel Insurance Review

Choose The Right Policy To Suit Your Needs

Compare QBE Travel Insurance Policies

  • Range of policies to meet your needs.
  • Choose from domestic and international products easily

Existing Medical Conditions (EMC)

  • Automatically cover 32 conditions for free.
  • You can only add an Existing Medical Condition (EMC) on the International Comprehensive Policy or Annual Multi Trip policy.
  • You can select any other product, but that specific condition would be excluded.

Country You Spend Most Time In?

  • Location that you will be spending the majority of your trip.
  • Country where you will be spending the most time including other countries you visit.
  • Traveling to USA, Canada, South or Central America for more than 72 hours
  • May need to select Yes.

How to Book Travel Insurance Online

QBE Assist-Worldwide 24/7 Emergency Assistance

  • QBE Assist are trained medical experts and travel insurance specialists.
  • Coordinates emergency assistance
  • If you become ill or injured, traveling overseas.


  • Cruises are automatically covered for free.
  • When traveling in international waters, please select the country that you will be traveling to
  • For example Singapore, Hawaii, Malaysia etc

Motorcycling overseas

  • Wanting to motorcycle abroad and looking for quality travel insurance to suit your needs?
  • Range of options from Novice to Overland.

Dependent children, covered for free.

  • Dependent children up to 20, and 24 years of age are covered for free.
  • Refer to the Product Disclosure Statement for age limits that apply to each policy.

Amend and extend your policy

  •  Self-managed system
  • Amend
  • Extend
  • Cancel

Rental Vehicle Insurance Excess

  • Cover you for the rental vehicle insurance excess, or the cost of repairing the vehicle, whichever is lower, if
  • you rent a vehicle from a rental company;
  • it is damaged by accident, storm, fire or theft; and
  • you are a nominated driver of the Rental Vehicle Agreement.
  • For this benefit to apply, the rental vehicle must have comprehensive motor vehicle insurance for the period of hire. 

Lowest rate, Great Value

Snow & Ski cover

Three options to add Snow Cover
  • International Comprehensive
  • A, B, C & Premium Plus
  • Annual Multi Trip policy

Already Departed

  • You won’t be able to purchase a policy if you have already departed from Australia

Group Travel Insurance

  • Group travel insurance requires a minimum of 10 travelers to be eligible.
  • Available only on International Comprehensive, Essentials, and Bare Essentials policies.
  • Provided you are under the age of 70 and  have the intention of returning to Australia

Seniors Travel Insurance

  • Range of policies available for seniors
  • Up to 99 years of age.
  • 4 policies up to 65
  • 3  policies up 69
  • 2 policies up to 80 years of age
  • Subject to region and duration of travel

Budget Travel Insurance

  • Several policies for people traveling on a budget.

Traveling When Pregnant

  • Automatically cover pregnancy-related illness of the mother up to & including 26 weeks gestation
  • Provided,  no complications in this pregnancy or any previous pregnancy
  • Artificial reproductive technique, e.g. IVF has not assisted this pregnancy

Compare Travel Insurance

  • Great platform to compare policies
  • Side by side to identify the best policy
  • Catering for all your travel needs

How to Book Travel Insurance Online

How to Make a Claim

What You Need To Do

Before making a claim, it is important to have the following information available:

  • Travel insurance policy number
  • Your contact and travel details
  • Particulars of your claim and any supporting documentation.
  1. Medical, police or airline reports,
  2. Contact details of any treating doctor or hospital you attend,
  3. Receipts for payments made.

QBE Travel Insurance Review

Claim Online

QBE Online Claim Lodgement system

  • QBE policyholders quick lodge travel claim(s)
  • Anytime
  • Anywhere
  • Fast and efficient electronic service.
  • Prompt acknowledgement of your claim lodgment
  • Provided with QBE Identification Claim Reference (ICR) number.
  • Specialist will be assigned to your claim within 24 hours of lodging your claim.
  • Advise you if additional information is required
  • Provide written confirmation of our decision within 10 business days.

Claim Form

Need to complete a claim by Form?

  • Download a claim form for travel insurance
  • Follow the instructions on the claim form, including documentation to support your claim
  • Send completed claim forms in.

How to Book Travel Insurance Online

QBE Travel Insurance Review

Get a Quote


I personally always choose QBE Travel Insurance when traveling locally or abroad.  I am sure you will come to the same conclusion as me once you have tried them for yourself and your family.

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8 thoughts on “How to Book Travel Insurance Online – QBE Travel Insurance Review

  1. Author’s gravatar

    Wow I didn’t know there was so much involved in travel insurance. I have only bought it when it’s included lol. Insurance is always one of those things that if you don’t have it you will probably ly need it. I do travel on scuba packages and it is usually included. I did have the opportunity to use it once. It was an international trip a d I lost a bag of gear on the lazy horse e. It took a while but they settled ed d if to my satisfytion. so no complaints! Have you had a claim with this group?

    1. Author’s gravatar

      I been fortunate so far not to have needed a claim.  If you read one my other comments you will see 2 consequences I personally have had not having insurance.  Insurance is something I have learned not to play with.  It cost me way to much not to have it.

  2. Author’s gravatar

    I often about hear about travel insurance,thanks for shedding more light on it through this post. Is always good to have insurance policy because one might not be able to envisaged what might happen. I like the QBE method of operation,the services are great ranging form medical help to settling down at destination.And besides it is easily accessible. 

    1. Author’s gravatar

      I totally agree, I would never not have insurance ever again in my life. regardless of the cost. the price you pay for not having it far exceeds the cost of having it.

  3. Author’s gravatar

    Hello! Yes you are right, I have always thought the passport is the most important document when you are travelling. Well I thought wrong from the facts I have just read from this article. You have listed some great information about travelling insurance and the benefits of which most of us turn to ignore, Thank for the great knowledge.

    1. Author’s gravatar

      I love your comment Otis,

      I got burned pretty bad by not having insurance.  It was not travel insurance but I learn’t a valuable lesson all the same of the importance of insurance.  Yes it is a boring subject but it is not something to be ignored.

      Several years ago I had 2 major changes in my life.  I should have learned from the first mistake, But I made a quite common mistake and underestimated the value of insurance.

      The first one was car insurance. I had let my insurance lapse, as I was a little short of money at the time.  I think we all thought of ways to save money. This was a very bad decision at the time for me.

      What happened was not my fault nor even expected.  Much like travel insurance , you don’t expect things to go wrong.  I had my car parked in a dead end street about half way down the street.  Next to no traffic. parked legally and plenty of room to pass.  You would think it was safe Yes? so did I.

      Until a school bus driver of all people, in one those mini buses drove from the dead end part of the street. The lady was 63, She dropped her coffee and took her eyes off the road.  Her school bus hit my car head on and wrote my car off.  

      Yeah no insurance. I owed nearly $6000 on the car and after fighting with their insurance company for months and months only got $1150 dollars compensation. I couldn’t afford to fight them so took a loss.

      The second was even worse.  It was only 6 months after.  Due to increased bills due to the first no insurance incidence, I also let my accident and sickness insurance for work slide.  At the time I also had just bought a new Car Trailer for work for $4000 dollars which I had to buy using the credit card.  Again I tried to save money in the wrong place.

      This was going to cost me dearly over the next 2 years.  Instead of getting 75% of my income, which was actually a decent income even at 75%. I had to fight the government for support, sickness benefit. when I had to stop work due to chronic fatigue.  This worked out to be about 10% my current income.

      So if I can help anyone else out their about the importance of having insurance please learn from my very expensive mistakes.  Travel Insurance is a lot more important than trying to save a couple dollars.  If you can think of any other way to save money I highly suggest it.  As no insurance if you actually need it will cost you way more than any saving you will make by not having it.

  4. Author’s gravatar

    Hey great post. I do alot online. I never actually knew I can book traveling insurance online. I own an online business and I I’d be traveling around the world for vacation few months for now. 

    Like you have shared in this post, I am so amazed by the age of QBE Travel Insurance. I see that traveling insurance has so much benefits and I’d love to check out QBE Travel Insurance. Thanks so much for sharing this information.

    1. Author’s gravatar

      Isn’t technology great Barry,

      Let me know if you need any help.


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