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    Thanks Sam! This is great to know! We love to travel and see different parts of the world. This will be useful when we start planning our next trip for the summer.
    Do you know where we could go and get the best deals? We like All-Inclusive Adult Resorts.
    I would love to have some ideas. We are having trouble deciding where to go this year.

    Much appreciated,

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      I have created a few articles of destinations.
      You can find them under the Travel Menu – World Travel Ideas
      Due to the nature of people having so many interests and not really knowing you
      Is hard to say one place for certain.
      Also you mention summer Trip but that could be winter in the oppersite side of the world.
      Places are sometimes better to visit in different times of the year.
      Best I can do is suggest you look at some my articles and see if any appeal to you


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