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Read About Us & Sam Frederiksen,  Webmaster Of Best Place 2, Learn About Past Experience And More Importantly How I Can Help You Plan your Next Travel Or Make The Money To Fund Your Next Travel.  I Love Life And Love Talking To New And Interesting People.

About Us - Best Place 2 - Sam Frederiksen

About Us

Sam Frederiksen

A Little About My Background

I was born in Denmark in 1971, my family was invited to come to Australia in 1974.  The government at the time were short on tradesmen and helped paid for the majority of the families moving costs.  I have lived in the state of Queensland ever since.  I finished year 12 in Brisbane, and then started my career as a carpenter 4 days a week. On the friday for the first 2 years I was learning Computer Programming via correspondence.

After 2 years the school I was enrolled in went bankrupt and I then focused on carpentry full time.  My career as a carpenter lasted just short on 20 years. During the last 10 years of carpentry I also looked into network marketing and other ways to develop passive income.  Although I did learn a lot about business and people in my spare time, what I found was quite out of my comfort zone and I struggled outside my carpentry career in those endevours.

Health Change For Sam Freeriksen

Major Health Change in 2007

My career stopped in 2007 due to increasing health issues resulting in me having a lot of time off work until, I really couldn’t even complete a half day at work.

Past Business

For about 20 years I was sub contracting as a carpenter. Gt&S Carpentry was the business I had with my father during those years.  During those 20 years I pretty much did every aspect of carpentry and loved doing it.  Some my favorite work was working on million dollar canal estate homes.


My hobbies include computers,  gaming,  helping people, inspiring people, meeting people, making new friends,  reading,  travel,  self improvement,  love looking into passive incomes,  currently focused a bit on the cryptocurrency market, Top tip for 2019 is ELA(Elastos). Also love spending time with my step daughter going to parks watching movies etc.

Change In Circumstances

After having to stop work due to medical issues about 10 years ago I started looking into other ways to make money.  Even before that I was always looking for ways to leverage my time, had tried network marketing, multi level marketing just to name a couple,  as carpentry offered little in the ways of time off and especially paid time off.

My Future

When I look into my future,  I see myself being in a position now where I can again achieve my goals in life, for both me personally and most important my family,  friends and you if you choose to follow in my footsteps, I gladly help you as well.

Goals Post written by Sam Frederiksen

Some of the things I wish to change about my current life are definitely my health, I been struggling for more than 10 years with chronic fatigue syndrome.   So can relate to anyone else with health issues.

This however does not define me, It is merely a struggle that I push hard to overcome.  Despite my setbacks I am quite productive especially in what I do now, both for myself and the people I am now able to assist.  You are in good hands, if you choose to approach me for assistance.

My social media sites are

About Best Place 2

Over the past 10 years I have looked into many ventures to try support my family, for when I feeling well enough.  If you heard about it I have probably already tried it.

The Best of the Best

In October 2018 I discovered Wealthy Affiliate.  In such a short time, I have managed thanks to the training and support of the community, gone from knowing nothing, to having my own profile within the first hour.

Now I have a this website, that is SEO optimized.  Have social media accounts on twitter, linked in, pin interest, YouTube and FaceBook.  Website is also optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop.

Best Of The Best

This website https://bestplace2.com was started late October 2018, with next to no knowledge of websites.   I have also started https://vaper4u.com in January 2019.  Wealthy Affiliate and the Jaaxy keyword search finder tool has been invaluable for getting this website ranked in Google.

If you would like to join me within Wealthy Affiliate, you can register here to create your free Starter membership.  This is where I network with others and offer my help each and every day to people like you.

About Us – Best Place 2 – Sam Frederiksen

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Start Your Home Business | Cheers

Not long after I started the training, I created  this website Best Place 2 and have started my journey. I am learning daily in my own time. This website you are on now is only a part of what I have learn’t so far.

  • I am very excited.  Wealthy Affiliate has a great community and more importantly to you, I am in a position to help you every step of the way to create a successful business.
  • Finally I know my family will be secure, your family could experience the same feeling of knowing.

About Us - Best Place 2 - Sam Frederiksen | More People Plan Their Next Trip With Us Every Day

Best Place 2 Different Topics – Not Your Average Blog

Primary Focus Is A Travel Website To Help Plan Travel

  • I been working hard towards creating a social media presence and marketing using SEO
  • I also am involved with a few quite large communities.
  • We also cater for looking good while you travel
  • Help if needed travelers make money to travel more
  • Offer a range of travel services
  • Inspire people to be better and live better lives
  • Cryptocurrency, Online Business, Shopping (saving money and reviews), Travel and Inspiration are my main focus on this website.
  • Best Place 2 has been busy writing articles and reviews.
  • Connecting Merchant Partners and other associated partners.

About Us – Best Place 2 – Sam Frederiksen

Best Place 2 offer help with online business’s,  give you access to ways to save a lot of money for air fares and hotel accommodation around the world.  Access to thousands and thousands of Products from various companies.

Best Place 2 Includes

  • All your travel needs in planning your next trip
  • Travel services
  • Looking your best while you travel
  • Great clothes and fashion and everyday travel items
  • Places to visit suggestions
  • How to create a You Tube Channel
  • Articles and Reviews
  • Lead generation tips.
  • Discounts and Coupons
  • Inspiration
  • Home Business + Bonus 
  • If you already have a business we can also help
  • Best Place 2 are affiliate with Top Companies
  • Information on Cryptocurrencies,
  • Even have a couple of Free Give Always.
Sam Frederiksen And Maiken Johnson
My Mum and I

Tribute to My mum that sadly passed away 28th February 2019

About Us – Best Place 2 – Sam Frederiksen

Take Advantage of our Free Subscription to Best Place 2 or simply stay up to day with the simple push notification.

I love the idea of anyone can become financially free by owning their own business.

Why Best Place 2 – Wants To Help You

  • Past is the days when the only way people can become free are lottery tickets and born into wealth.
  • Now everyone with the help of a great community like we have can achieve amazing results.

The Goal of Best Place 2

  • My goal is to help you achieve your goals.
  • Help plan your next travel
  • Save you and your family and friends money and time.
  • Make new Friends
  • Keep You Looking Great With Latest Fashion
  • Inspire You
  • Keep You Coming Back
Check Out This Great Website
Got Questions or A Comment

If You Ever Need Assistance

Best Place 2 – Q & A

  • Ask Questions Or Comment
  • Most people will ask about travel or making money
  • We happily accept any questions however and highly encourage you to join discussions
  • Leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.
  • Or better still contact me within Wealthy Affiliate   <—— Free To Join
  • What you may not know is you get access to 25 free websites of your own, and also hosted free by joining as a premium member and the ability to host a further 25 domains all within the premium membership fee.  Even If you don’t build a business that is extremely good value.  Even though not taking advantage of everything else available does seem silly to me.

Feel Free To Have A Look Around

Thank you for your time and hopefully new friendship, Look forward to seeing any questions or comments on my blog that you may have. Let me know what you like to see included or changed. I will consider any reasonable request.

Have an Awesome Day!!!

About Us – Best Place 2 – Sam Frederiksen

Other Websites Owned by Sam Frederiksen


All the best, I hoped you enjoyed Read about us here at About Us – Best Place 2 – Sam Frederiksen

Sam Frederiksen

Email – sam@bestplace2.com


Thank you for taking the time to read my profile. I look forward to getting  you the help you need to become successful online, either by saving you thousands of dollars and hours or by inspiring you in life in general.  Maybe You Just Want To Start Your Own Business.

10 thoughts on “About Us – Best Place 2 – Sam Frederiksen

  1. Author’s gravatar

    Nice to meet ya Sam. I see you have discovered Wealthy Affiliate, as have I. You are correct in that it has the potential to change the way you generate money for you and your family. I too knew little to nothing about what it takes to start and run an online business. I pray that you are getting along well and hope to see you along your journey. 

    1. Author’s gravatar

      Thank you,

      Absolutely loving the whole experience, have not regretted one second at all.  Appreciate your comment, I love that not only I can secure my own future but also am able to do what I always wanted to do in the first place and that is help others.  You only have to look through my website to see I care about people. I love engaging with my web site visitors, and helping them every opportunity I can.

      To me this is a success in itself. and keeps me passionate continuing my journey

  2. Author’s gravatar

    Hello Sam

    I really liked your About us page. You really put  it out there so I feel I can trust you for your recommendations. Like you I have my fair share of ups and downs in life ( I am 59   now ). I also recently got interested in making money online and enjoy the wonderful community of Wealthy Affiliates for the help and contributions. My pray’s and blessings for your health and keep plugging buddy. How’s the crypto trading coming along ? Heard it can be really volatile. Cheers Jake

    1. Author’s gravatar

      Hey Jake,

      Thank you for your kind words, My health is what it is. I try to not let it define me, or stop me from moving forward.  Everyone has something going on that can stop them.  I have found that if something is hard it normally is worth doing. I have found this over and over again in my life.  

      I feel rewarded when I push myself, the feeling when I have done something especially if I know it will help someone else is really hard to describe.  It is quite motivating actually.

      Cryptocurrency is indeed quite volatile at the time of my writing this in December 2018, I am however quite positive when it comes to the whole market in general.  In my article about blockchain you can see for yourself the technology that fuels my passion for this market.  Long term the world needs this technology and much like any new technology, such as cd’s microwave oven, fuel injection etc it takes time for people to adopt this as normal.  

      We call this the S Curve of technology.  I will be writing a future article about it, now that it again my focus.  But basically it says the time it takes for 10% of the people to adopt a new technology we call this x for this example.

      It takes the same time x for 90% of people to adopt this same technology.  This has been quite accurate for so many past technologies.

  3. Author’s gravatar

    There are people who are struggling who will definitely need your help in becoming financially free. It is frustrating to have a 9 to 5 job including working overtime and not earning the reward or credit you deserve and also not able to have the funds to travel when you want to. This information would be very useful in giving tips and advice in reducing  debt and not have that burden prolonged. Great article! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Author’s gravatar

      Thank you Carmeta1

      You are quite insightful,  And yes you may be surprised their are really a lot of people that struggle with time, I am no stranger to that myself. Before I got health issues I was working 9 hours a day and on top of that normally hour travel each way on average.  A good job to me only involved maybe a 30 minute drive each way.  

      I did however manage to learn a few things outside my carpentry business during the years I worked.  One way I did it was using cassette tapes and cd’s while driving to learn.  I also got into a habit of reading at least 15 minutes a day. A lot of the time i did that during my lunch break.  Quite often I actually read more.

      You would be surprised how you can find time and also get things done efficiently.  I actually found in my experiences busy people with little time actually are more successful.  I know this might sound strange as they have less time than a lot of other people. But I have found they may have less time, however they use the time they have so much better. Get so much more done in the same time.

      Let me now if this is helpful to you.  I have so pretty good posts like one about goals  that might actually motivate you.

  4. Author’s gravatar

    Happy for you that have from a 10 year healthy problem Sam, I fall in love with what your website will offer. I have been looking for an online adventure but I have no knowledge of using the internet. Right now I am using a tablet, I am hoping to acquire a laptop to use in my future business.. 

    Thanks for suggesting Wealthy Affiliate, I have signed up for a free membership and will be looking at how it work for the next few weeks. If everything goes well, I will definitely subscribe.  

    1. Author’s gravatar

      Thank you for your time Ngonidzashe,

      You might be surprised to know, that you could actually build a business just using your tablet.  I actually at time just use my phone, which is a much smaller screen than your tablet is.  My preferred method is my desktop, as I can type a lot faster with a keyboard.

      Obviously you can connect a keyboard to a phone or tablet these days by a cable, bluetooth and wireless connection. If you need one have a look at my Discount and Coupons page might be a good temp solution.

      Also you may or may not be aware you can earn money straight away just using the site comment service at wealthy affiliate.  A few people I know use this to help pay for the premium service that is offered.

      Please let me know anytime you need help as well.  You probably seen messages from me already in Your Wealthy Affiliate Notifications. My user name there is Kezsam Sam F.  Simply just reply to one my messages if you still a free member and I will get notified.

      Of course if you are already a Premium member you can message me directly, Just another convenient reason for upgrading. At only a dollar a day, that is really easy to earn just using the comment platform we have. let alone all the other revenue streams you are being taught. 

  5. Author’s gravatar

    i like your blog, friendly and warm. Just concerned that at times, you write in the article singular form of the writer “I” and in other instances plural – “we”. So I don’t know exactly what to think. The article was an overview of the website but the heading says ‘about us’, I failed to make the connection. All the best.

    1. Author’s gravatar

      Thank you Eurphrasia,

      My apologies for that. I am married as I guess I am used to referring to myself as us a lot of the time. As you can imagine with a wife and 4 kids, I is normally not a theme it is us lol.  

      To help clarify a little more, Yes Sam Frederiksen is me and singular as the Web Master, But Best Place To web site is more than just me.  I am affiliated with many reputable partner companies such as P&O Cruises, Amazon, Amber Sceats, and lots more.  I am approved by them to talk about products and services they have.

      This is not an automatic process as you might think.  Companies will review any affiliate first to see if they represent there product in a way they approve.  

      Part of this approval, includes how I market, where my traffic to web site comes from, My privacy policies, and other  guidelines set out by these successful companies.

      Please let me know if this clarifies things a little for you


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