Best Place 2 December Update

Best Place 2 December Update – Welcome To All Our New Members, And Hello Again To Our Existing Members.  December Has Been Another Great Month So Far For Best Place 2,  New Merchant Partners Have Been Connected, A Bunch Of New Posts And Reviews.

Merry Christmas

Best Place 2 – December Update

Merry Christmas,
Hope you and your family are well and looking forward to Christmas.  I know I am looking forward to catching up with my family and sharing fun moments, enjoying good food, exchanging presents, taking photos and all that other great stuff that happens when family and friends get together.

Best Place 2

December has been another great month so far for Best Place 2,  New merchant partners have been connected, a bunch of new posts and reviews.  On top of that Best Place To has been continuing to show steady growth and popularity on our social media as well.

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Growth and Popularity

All have shown very nice growth and popularity.  We have made it easier for people to have their own website, we even assist people with free training to get them up and ready, this is a free service.  We do have a premium option available here too which is also very popular, Great for both seasoned professionals and new-comers.

Get More Information on Your Own Free Website


Hope you managed to save a bunch of money of here at Best Place To.  You hopefully are now aware of our Discount Offers and Coupons Page.  Now with 27 of our partner merchants offering savings to Best Place 2 Visitors.  Don’t pay full price anywhere else

Discount Offers and Coupons Page


December is a very popular time for people to travel. At Best Place 2, our visitors have access to Travel Insurance, Hire Cars, Cheapest Airline Tickets and easy Hotel bookings.

Our booking service searches over 1000 airlines and over 800 000 hotels and finds you the very best deal based on what you looking for.

You should if you not already done so have a good look around our web site, you might just be surprised how fast we are growing and what we have to offer.

Need Tires for your Car?

Australians now have access to discounts to Beaurepaires

Best Place To December Update

Best Place 2 December Update

I would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Christmas, look forward to helping you in the future.  Please ask questions and leave comments on the different posts we have on our website.

I like engaging with people, and finding out what they like or want to see changed.  Remember to tell your friends with our easy to use share social media buttons.

Thank you
Sam Frederiksen

November Recap

Best Place 2 December Update – Welcome To All Our New Members, And Hello Again To Our Existing Members.  December Has Been Another Great Month So Far For Best Place 2,  New Merchant Partners Have Been Connected, A Bunch Of New Posts And Reviews.

8 Replies to “Best Place 2 December Update”

  1. Well, thanks for the update, and I wanted to thank you for a great website, great merchants and deals, and for the well wishes for Christmas.  I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas as well, and I hope 2019 is a wonderful year for you and your loved ones.  I appreciate your site and the hard work that has gone into it.  Job well done!

    • Thank you Babsie,

         Always love hearing people enjoy my posts, Thank you for your Christmas and 2019 year wishes too:) I will pass them onto my family.

  2. Nice to see other people achieving success and fields and businesses that they’re passionate about! Perseverance is certaibly a helluva key trait. 

    How did you visualize your business and website growth from the get go? Did you have any particular targets and timeframes? Also, how do you go about marketing the site and business?

    • Great questions Mike,

      When I first started, I only had a few ideas what I was going to do, But thanks to people like you leaving comments and also great training I am receiving, I have a lot better plan where I going with this website.  I will continue to write articles and reviews on business’s and cryptocurrencies and travel.  

      I hope in a year I will have a quite comprehensive coverage of world travel, A bunch more reviews on the companies I am partnered with.  I also aim to help inspire people as that been a passion of mine for a long time. Nearly 20 years ago I did have a newsletter that I loved writing content for, when i used to own the website dreams can be real.

       I not owned that website for many years now, but I now have a chance to continue where I left off.   

      I strongly suggest if you want to learn more about how to market you read my review on wealthy affiliate and sign up.  After you do that get back to me and I can help you a bit better, as You will have to a bit more information that will help both of us to help you better.

  3. I liked your post very much.  Thanks for putting it together.  I definitely agree with the proposition that “Intelligence Begins With Action”  Makes me wish that my children had been more active!  But they turned out somewhat intelligent all the same.  Had I had the information you show when they were growing up, it would have made my life (and theirs) much easier.


    • Thank you Hugo,

      Yes I wish I even had access to the Internet when I was growing up, by the time I left school, It was still very common that people knew nothing about the Internet.  Let alone all the fantastic information available these days.

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