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Best Free Mind Map Software | Discover Why You Don’t Need To Have Writer’s Block | Maximize Production With This Great Software + How To Mind Map Tutorial Without Sofware

Mind Map Software


Best Free Mind Map Software

How To Mind Map Without Software

  • Revolutionary Opportunities Revealed
  • Ever Have Writer Block?

I am pretty sure you will answer yes at least one time in your life. The frustration it can cause will slow your productivity down to a halt. The feeling of a blank mind when you have an agenda or even worse a time sensitive activity to complete. Maybe it is a certain article, post, review, or really most problems that require you to come up with a solution. I will attempt for this article on solving writer block, but really this same method can help you get organized in so many areas of your life.

Some people will argue it takes to long to create a mind map to solve a problem, I argue that maybe they missing the point of having the mind map in the first place.  If you have writer block, I honestly can’t think of a better way to cure this problem. From my experience the best way to explain something is to lead by example.

Lead by Example

Firstly I will give you the basics that anyone can do, then I will show you how much more powerful a mind mapping software can be.

Step 1

First thing you want to know is the outcome ahead of time what you are trying to do. In this example my outcome is to write article

“To Explain How to Mind Map”

Step 2

Now get yourself something to write on, draw a circle in the middle and write your focus of your mind map in the circle put mind map 1 image here

Revolutionary opportunities revealed

Step 3

Now think of things relating to this topic – A good start is think of 10 things.  “To Explain How to Mind Map”

  1. Content
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Who will read
  4. Revolutionary opportunities revealed – my emotional catch phrase
  5. Category on my website – Article
  6. Explain Mind Map – by example
  7. Do’s and don’ts
  8. Resources – where will I get information on this topic
  9. Overview – organize in sensible order
  10. Expand my mind map

Step 4

What we want to do now is to write this points around our focus, try to keep room to add new points. We simply now just connect these points by a line to the focus. The lines don’t have to be straight, a curved line is more than OK and as you keep adding to this mind map you will find it pretty hard to connect points with straight lines anyways.add picture of mind map 2

Step 5

Now we want to (point 10) expand these new points with a couple of related points, (point 1) this will help you create content. While doing this look at all your points for inspiration (point 7) think about where you get ideas from (point 8). By now (point 4) will start revealing itself. Now (point3) and (point2) and (point5) come into play. We can now start to think about (point 1 again) and start to create (point 9) This whole process is part of (Point6)

Step 6

1 Content
  • Obviously we want to include the steps
  • The thought process behind each step
  • We came up with overview, be great to add to content


2 Search Engine Optimization
  • Keywords obviously the title.  Mind Map Software
  • Will have use this term throughout the article
  • Will need it in alt text in images
  • Related keywords such as mind mapping, brainstorming, mindmap, ideas etc

3 Who Will Read
  • Research is probably handy here
  • Website visitors
  • People searching the keywords
  • Social media connections, like pininterest, twitter, facebook
  • Other bloggers and writers
  • Would imagine this really useful information for many people

best place 2

4 Revolutionary Opportunities Revealed
  • My emotional catch phrase
  • Reveal how this can improve production
  • Lead to new opportunies
  • Revolutionary change how you approach future projects

5 Category On My Website
  • – Article
  • Link to related articles
  • Maybe add some keywords to help other article with SEO
  • Link to outside source , maybe wiki or guest blog for someone
  • Make sure social share buttons added to this article

6 Explain Mind Map
  • Pretty much doing this as I go
  • Remember the idea is to continually look at all the points
  • This helps you come up with even more ideas

Mind Map

7 Do’s and Don’ts
  • Color coding can help make related points more clear
  • Never throw out a mindmap
  • Great thing about not throwing a mind map out is you can always add to it later
  • Example would be updating your article when you learn more
  • You can of course throw it out if you redo it neater
  • You want to keep saving time on future projects
  • This will help you gain even more ideas
  • As you can this can get messy quite quickly
  • So a definitely consideration is to use software over writing down a mind map manually

8 Resources
  • Where will I get information on this topic of mind mapping
  • Google mind mapping software, techniques, brainstorming, ideas, mind manager, management, maps
  • Library, look for books on project management, tools for mind mapping, creating and inspiration, flowcharts
  • Practise mind mapping ideas
  • Make a mind map of your website as example
  • Talk to people on social media compare different ideas on the web

9 Overview
  • Organize content in sensible order
  • We on step 9 so I think I have this covered
  • Obviously we can always have more than 10 points
  • We could write some notes on another piece of paper based on our current mind map
  • Look at some our research and brainstorm ideas.

10 Expand My Mind Map
  • You can now draw lines connecting these points
  • Have a really good look at your points and think if you can find more points


Step 7

  • Add visual aids
  • Draw a picture if you using paper
  • Write a name of a video or song that could relate
  • Stimulate your other senses

Time To Move Forward To Mind Map Software

This nearly as far as you can go with a pen and paper. You by now probably already can see how powerful this can be for curing writer block. The ideas I have shared is just a basic concept of mind mapping. To summarize:

  • Mind maps have a focus subject
  • New information is added to a mind map via branches or lines
  • Information is presented in a visual fashion, usually in the center and more detailed near the outside of the map
  • Use words, images and colors to make the map brain friendly
  • Understand that you probably need to add more information to these points, so make sure you have space available

  • Best Free Mind Map Software
  • Revolutionary Opportunities Revealed

Mind Mapping Software

Mindmeister is a great software to create ideas, brainstorming at its best. Easy Learning curve especially after reading this article. Management of your future projects will never be easier than when using this great mind mapping software, to create nearly any solution or at least a visualization of the overall concept in a clear organised manner.  MIndmeister comes in four convenient plans All come with

  • Ability to share
  • Icon and image librariies
  • Styles and boundaries
  • Colors and text styles
  • Notes links and tasks
  • Integration with miestertask
  • Presentation mode
  • Mobile apps
  • Mind map training


Advantages of Paid Subscription

After that then some restrictions come in with the different versions. And of course some awesome extra features are included for paid subscriptions.  Such as unlimited maps, storage, multiple team members, different export options like + PDF, Image, Freemind, XMind, MindManager + Microsoft Word and PowerPoint and + Zip Presentations

Other paid features include, chat, map history with revert to older map options, mind map printing, undeleting maps, live updates in embedded maps, custom product branding, team statistics and reports, Custom styles and boundaries, Custom themes for your maps, Groups within your team, Custom team domain, Secure back ups, Full personal mind map library export, Multiple team administrators that can be in collaboration online

  • Best Free Mind Map Software
  • FREE
  • Personal $7.49 per month
  • Pro $12.49 per month
  • Business $18.99 per month

mind mapping

  • I truly hope article allows you have better management of productivity both online and offline.
  • This has been the best way I have found in my life to get a really good overall visual overview of the task in hand.
  • As you have seen you can collaborate with other people. 
  • This allows brainstorming ideas in a revolutionary way that leads to opportunities you can’t even imagine yet.
  • Creating will never be something that will hold you back if you use mind mapping and in particular mind mapping software to explore the limits of your mind.

Try it Free Now and Decide For Yourself

Best Free Mind Map Software – Revolutionary Opportunities Revealed.  No More Need To Have Writer Block – Maximize Production With This Great Software + How To Mind Map Tutorial Without Sofware.


6 thoughts on “Best Free Mind Map Software – Revolutionary Opportunities Revealed

  1. Author’s gravatar

    Thanks for sharing this post, mind mapping increases your creativity and productivity because it’s an excellent tool to let you generate more ideas, identify relationships among the different data and information, and effectively improve your memory and retention, using a single page or space you can already place a huge amount of information and check its connections.

    1. Author’s gravatar

      Agree with you Seun,

      It very much like the old saying a picture can say a thousand words.  Just little tip you can do mind maps with pictures as well you don’t even need words. I probably recommend using both though for clarity

  2. Author’s gravatar

    Mind mapping has always interested me. Maybe it’s because my mind seems to be so jumbled up. Yet at the end of the day there is method to the madness. Things always work out.

    Now that you have explained mind mapping it makes more sense. The kernel of an idea is the focus. Where do we go from there? Audience (who?), research (what?), target (where?), timing (when?), desired result (why?). This is an example of things I learned about writing articles. But, I think it correlates well with mind mapping.

    I will be looking into Mindmeister because it looks like it will help putting more order into my thinking and help with writers’ block. That happens to me quite frequently.

    Thanks for the great information.


    1. Author’s gravatar

      You will really like it.  I using it quite often now myself.

  3. Author’s gravatar

    I have had writer’s block so many times! What a great article, with a wonderful product! 

    In one of my graphic design courses, this was a project that we were graded on. We did not have this kind of software to work with, I bet it is truely amazing! We hand created ours and then copied it into Photoshop and added any desired ideas and so on. 

    I would try this software for sure! Especially with a free trial to see if I like it or not, that is huge with any software in my opinion. 

    Thanks for this article, it was most helpful.



    1. Author’s gravatar

      Thanks Stacie for taking the time to comment.

      I a huge fan of free myself.  And if I like I normally upgrade to get all features, and if I don’t I either keep if it free like this one or just stop using.


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