2019 Best Place 2 February Monthly Recap – Tribute To Mum

2019 Best Place 2 February Monthly Recap – Tribute To Mum

February 28, 2019 4 By Sam Frederiksen

2019 Best Place 2 February Monthly Recap – Like January, February been has been a busy month. Lots of updates been done to Best Place 2 Website. Quite a few changes are being done that you may not see. Special tribute to my Mum

Updated Navigation on Website

2019 Best Place 2 February Monthly Recap

  • Much More Mobile Friendly Menu system.
  • Added Tags To Articles, Stories and Reviews, So You Can Find Related Information A Lot Faster Within Best Place 2 Website.

Speed Has Been Increased

  • Mobile, Tablet and Desktop access to Best Place 2 has been optimized.
  • Brand New Theme is also optimized for better speed.

New Website Layout

Been working hard getting feedback and based on several peoples suggestions, we have changed the layout of Best Place 2 Website. We hope you enjoy the new format and look forward to any feedback, good or bad so we can continue to improve your experience.

Most Popular Posts – Total Views – Comments

Find out what other people have viewed and commented on. New Feature shows you top to bottom the most visited posts, along with the number of comments each post has received. Please note that some post may have lower views, but this does not make them any less important.

You will find pretty quickly that we do things a little different on Best Place 2. So take the time to discover how diverse this website really is. Our reach has grown quite a lot since our early days in October last year. We need got every single category item available through one or more of our affiliate partner stores and services.

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2019 Popular Website February Recap

2019 Best Place 2 February

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Travel In 2019 Best Place 2 February

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2019 Best Place 2 February

On a personal note

Would like to say a huge thank you to my mother, Maiken. For over 47 years my mum has always been in my life supporting everything I do. I am so lucky to of had such a lovely mother. Unfortunately due to health issues my mum has been put into palliative care. I have had so many fond memories with my mum and family.

Some Great Things Mum Taught Me

Maiken Johnson Painting 2019 Best Place 2 February

  • Spirituality – My mum has always been a spiritual person, I have a lot to learn from her life.
  • Learning to Meditate has helped me from time to relax and see the world from a different point of view.
  • My mum also taught me to drive a car, cook, wash clothes and many other useful life skills.
  • My mum has had an interesting life. After leaving school she worked as a nanny for an artist so early on in her life she was involved in art. A while later she worked in the old telephone receptionist centers plugging people into their calls by hand, as was done in the olden days.
  • When I was only 2 my family moved to Australia from Denmark and for my school years my mum raised my brother and I and also did volunteer work in nursing homes, often teaching crafts and the like. This was an opportunity at the time to also meet with some older people that were living in the nursing homes. Nowadays things like this are not really possible due to changes in the Australian laws.

Special Tribute To Beautiful Older People

Maiken Johnson and Sam Frederiksen

  • I did enjoy bringing smiles to those people faces though, as they often didn’t have family of their own visiting them.
  • In my later years of school my parents got divorced and my mum started her career in the banking industry that she did for approx 10 years. Often remember my mum saying how happy she was when she left the banking industry and retired.
  • My mum was married 3 times, first time for 19 years to my dad. Then she enjoyed her 2nd married, a lovely man that taught me how to play a little on the guitar. That marriage was unfortunately cut short due to him developing cancer. I remember for a while my mum lived in the small home she designed, must not of been much more than 80 square meters, but was so well-designed seemed so much bigger when you were inside.
  • Several years later my mum met her 3rd husband, also a wonderful man that I soon found out was a traveler that had visited many countries. I Remember listening to some of those stories and wondering if I would ever be so lucky to go on adventures like that.
  • My mum started painting when she retired.  I have several of here painting in my home and have also given one of her best ones as a present. If you ever get a chance to see any painting by Maiken Johnson, you will be looking at some my mum’s paintings.

Reiki Master

Rieki Healing By Maiken Johnson

  • My mum also achieved level 3 master reiki healing, which she learn’t from one of the leading in the field in India. She has created YouTube videos on Reiki Healing which you may have already seen.
  • You think that would be a lot for one person to learn but of course that was just the tip of the iceberg. My mum also learnt massage, furniture restoration which I also have some of those pieces which are very well done. My mum also has been a Buddhist most of her adult life meeting the Dalai Lama.
  • Of course, I could go on and on about my mum. I really would like to thank her from the bottom of my heart for introducing me to so many new things.

Love You Mum

2019 Best Place 2 February Tribute To Mum

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Best Place 2 In The Future

For the rest of this year You will be seeing a lot more content on Best Place 2 Website. I would like to continue with my current theme.  Find more people like you to tell me what you want in the form of feedback.  Best Place 2 is a place you can go as a first look and hopefully only look to find what you need.

Picture yourself planning to get married, or going on an adventure. Visit us and find the perfect ring and wedding gear. Plan your honeymoon. Use our services to find the best hotel and airfare prices. Rent a car or go on a boat cruise, bus trip or many of the other fantastic travel services we have.

Even More Things To Do In 2019

Learn the language of the place you going to visit before you go.  Something you might be able to do here on Best Place 2. Buy yourself a new phone charger or gadget at any of our great partners at a discounted price. Meet fantastic people from all over the world and tell them a story that you read on our website. Inspire your new and old friends.

Maybe just start a new home business and let us help you get it off the ground and running. No need to quit your current job until you get the income you want. Help a family member out that might need a boost and learn how to help them start a business too.

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2019 Best Place 2 February Monthly Recap – Like January, February been has been a busy month. Lots of updates been done to Best Place 2 Website. Quite a few changes are being done that you may not see. Special tribute to my Mum

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